"Another complete failure. While the subject's base genetic code remains intact, the physical expressions have been... unsettling."
―Lead Cloning Technician lamenting on the imperfections of the aberrant clones[src]

Aberrant clones were imperfect clones of Galen Marek, the Force-sensitive Human Male who served as the Secret Apprentice of Darth Vader. They were grown on Kamino in the Timira City Cloning Facility as part of an experiment to create a new Starkiller to replace the original apprentice at Vader's side. Though they turned out to be genetic failures, the mistakes that led to the creation of the aberrant clones proved useful in gradually correcting the imperfections in the cloning process, thus leading to more stable clones.


"We are still left with hundreds upon hundreds of abject failures. While they no longer try to kill anything that comes near them, they are nearly insensible."
―Lead Cloning Technician, Timira City Cloning Facility[src]
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After Galen Marek sacrificed his life to ensure the survival of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Darth Vader brought his former apprentice's dead body to Kamino and stored it within a secret chamber in the Timira City Cloning Facility. Even though Marek was dead, his body would serve as a genetic template from which a clone would be created to replace him. Vader was unwilling to lose such a powerful asset to his cause and thus, he sought to create a more powerful version of his fallen disciple, albeit one that was not weakened by Marek's emotional attachments. Shortly after his secret project commenced, however, Vader learned that the cloning process would not be perfected until going through much trial and error.[1]

The first attempts to create a perfect clone from Marek's DNA resulted in the aberrant clones, or in other words—absolute failures. The lead cloning technician noted that while the template's base genetic code remained intact within the clones, the first subjects were immensely deformed, as well as psychologically deranged. Although the project was continually subjected to a constant rate of failures, the cloning process steadily improved as more clones were created to perfectly resemble Galen Marek at the time of his death, thus eradicating the problems in the procedure that caused the physical deformities in the first aberrant clones.[2]

But none of the clones were able to overcome the imprinted memories and emotions that caused them to suffer from identity crises. The aberrant clones suffered the worst psychological effects of the cloning, virtually rendering them insane and unstable.[2] Despite the fact that they symbolized the constant setbacks that Vader suffered from in his endeavor to create a stable clone, the aberrant clones did serve a purpose by simply being examples of what went wrong in the cloning process, which was eventually improved enough to create more stable versions, and then perfected by the creation of the only perfect clone of the original Starkiller.[3]

When a renegade clone of Galen Marek, known by Marek's former codename Starkiller, returned to Kamino to rescue Juno Eclipse, the aberrant clones were still sedated and contained within their tanks. Eclipse was overwhelmed with shock and uncertainty when she saw the clones of the young man she loved, realizing that the "Starkiller" she saw prior to her capture was a clone as well. The revelation of the aberrant clones' existence came as an unwelcome surprise to Starkiller as well. Until then, he thought that Vader lied about creating other clones, only to realize that he was wrong in believing that he was Vader's only attempt to clone Marek.[4]

During the Battle of Kamino, Boba Fett encountered a lone aberrant clone in the Timira Cloning Facility. Activating a single red lightsaber, the clone attacked in a mindless rage and nearly killed Fett, but the Mandalorian bounty hunter launched a missile from his Z-6 jetpack at him, blowing the monstrosity's head off.[5]

While Starkiller fought his former Master at the top of Timira City, the Sith Lord unleashed the aberrant clones from their tanks and commanded them to kill their fellow clone "brother."[1] Starkiller could feel nothing but blind and insane rage emanating from within their unstable minds. The first wave was composed of Vader's greatest failures—clones driven so mad and completely dominated by the desire to kill; they were the easiest to kill. The second wave of his fellow clones possessed enough caution to attack Starkiller from a distance by using telekinesis, but they too were slaughtered by their superior brother. The third wave utilized Force lightning and displayed a greater aptitude for creative thinking and teamwork. The final wave consisted of clones that were trained in lightsaber combat. In their madness, they not only attacked Starkiller, but each other and the clones that came before them as well. To Starkiller, there were no allies in the battle of clones, just a sea of individuals created from the cells of a dead man, as Vader previously explained. After the battle was over, Starkiller felt a strong sense of guilt for destroying the aberrant clones, even to the point where he considered his actions as a form of fratricide—even suicide since they were all genetic copies of the same man.[4]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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Despite their many genetic flaws, the aberrant clones possessed Galen Marek's powerful affinity to the Force.[2] But due to the psychological damage that they suffered in the cloning process, the clones would never be able to utilize Marek's abilities in a concentrated and focused way. Since they were the first and most flawed versions, the genetically-inherited abilities of the original Starkiller were not evenly distributed amongst all of the aberrant clones.[1] Some were more skilled at using Force attacks such as Force lightning and Force push. Other clones were equipped with dual lightsabers and specialized in the Jar'Kai fighting style. All of the aberrant clones, however, were capable of shielding themselves from basic Force attacks, except for Mind Control. Naturally due to their imperfections, the abilities of the aberrant clones were greatly underdeveloped and inferior to their more stable clone brothers, Starkiller and the Dark Apprentice.

Behind the ScenesEdit

In the Xbox/PC/PS3 versions of the game, the aberrant clones' Lightsabers have silver crystals. In the Wii version, they are colored purple, red, or orange.


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