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Hex droid
Production information


Date created

Between 3,658 BBY and 3,643 BBY

Date destroyed

c. 3,643 BBY


Lema Xandret



Technical specifications

Feminine programming

Sensor color



Blaster cannons


Electromirror shielding

Chronological and political information

Old Republic era


Cinzia Xandret

"We do not recognize your authority!"
―The hex droid response to all queries[src]

Fastbreeders, also known colloquially as Hex droids or simply hexes, were a model of combat droid designed and created by Lema Xandret, a Human female who fled the Sith Empire after attempting to prevent the Sith from taking her daughter, Cinzia, from her to be trained as a Sith. Xandret later cloned her daughter on the remote planet Sebaddon and named the clone Cinzia as well, before assigning the hexes to protect her at all costs. The droids were instilled with a remnant of Lema Xandret, known as an amnioid, which gave them life-like qualities. The droids were obsessed with protecting Cinzia, and took whatever measures necessary to ensure her survival—including killing Xandret, their creator. They were eventually discovered by the outer galaxy, and a hex droid nest was captured and put on auction by the Hutt Tassaa Bareesh. However, when the auctions' attendees attempted to steal the nest, it produced a few of the droids, which then took part in the ensuing skirmish. The Sith and Republic then traveled to Sebaddon, where their fleets were attacked by the hexes, which took control of their ships and caused them to turn on one another. The Republic and Empire then allied briefly for a mission to destroy the hexes before they could take over the galaxy. During the mission, the original Cinzia—now a Sith apprentice under the name of Eldon Ax—in the company of Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan, found the clone, who was kept in a bacta tank, also with the amnioid inside of it. When the amnioid turned on Cinzia, attempting to keep her under control, Shan tried to save Cinzia. Shan destroyed the tank holding the clone, but Cinzia was killed by the shock of being freed from the tank. Ax then took control of the hex droids and used them to kill her Master, Darth Chratis, before allowing them to destroy themselves, as, with Cinzia's death, they had nothing left for which to live.



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