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Chronological and political information

Old Republic era

Known masters

Yuon Par

Known apprentices

Nadia Grell

"A Jedi will always seek the truth. I will study the mysteries of the Force, and act with calm and clarity. I will expose the dark side's deceit... to unite our allies, and with the Force on our side... justice will prevail!"
―The Barsen'thor[src]

The third Jedi to hold the title of Barsen'thor - also known as the Scorekeeper's Herald by the Trandoshan hunter Qyzen Fess - was a Jedi Master of great importance who lived during the Cold War and was instrumental in the Jedi Order's and the Republic's effort against the Sith Empire.


Training on Tython

Early Training

"There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force."
―Master Syo Bakarn recites the Jedi Code to the Barsen'thor[src]

The Jedi came to Tython to be trained as a Jedi Consular. After meeting with famed Jedi healer and Council Member Master Syo Bakarn, the Consular met with the master that would officially be training the Consular, Yuon Par. The Consular was tasked with an urgent matter; the Southwest, Southeast, Northwest and Northeast holocrons were under danger; the Consular was to retrieve to holocrons and return them to Par for protection. During the Consular's explorations of the Tythonian Gnarls, the location of the holocrons, the Consular was frequently forced to do battle with the native Flesh Raiders. The Consular successfully defeated the attacking Flesh Raiders and retrieved three of the four holocrons.

The fourth holocron had already been taken; its gatekeeper, Rajivari, had once fallen to the Dark Side. In fear that the captor of the holocron was being corrupted, Par ordered the Consular to track down the culprit. The Consular also met with Qyzen Fess, a Trandoshan hunter who was a friend of Par's.

The Consular learnt of new places during the travels to track down the culprit: the Forward Camp, the Jedi Temple, the Tythonian Ruins, Kaleth and Kalikori Village, where the Twi'leks were illegally settling. Upon entering Kalikori Village, the Consular met with the leader Bashenn, who mentioned that a formerly honorable and revered Twi'lek duelling champion Nalen Raloch had taken a holocron to learn the ways of the Force in order to protect the Village from Flesh Raider attacks. Believing Raloch to be misguided, the Consular asked for Raloch's whereabouts: a dark cave that housed many Flesh Raiders.

Search for Nalen Raloch

"We hunt the Flesh Raiders to extinction, and laugh. Rajivari taught me how to punish them. "
"What crimes have I committed that deserve being buried alive? "
" There are many hidden wonders, Jedi, and my journey has just begun. Now run, or die."
―A corrupt Nalen Raloch destroys the cave to destroy the Flesh Raiders and bring down the Consular[src]

Travelling to the mentioned location, the Consular found Raloch deep in the caves, but there was to be no conversation- Raloch used the Force to collapse the cave- albeit slowly, in order to destroy any nearby Flesh Raiders. The Consular was forced to escape because of this.

Unable to find Raloch's now unknown whereabouts, the Consular decided to travel the area and hopefully meet with Raloch once again. The Consular then explored Kaleth, fightning off numerous Tythonian Droids; ancient droids created by the Ancient Jedi over 20 millennia ago. The Consular also scanned the disabled droids after they were defeated at the request of Master Till'in, and brought the records back to him. Around this time, the Consular found Qyzen Fess trapped in a cave by several Twi'leks; the Consular slew them and rescued Fess, who became the Consular's companion. After the Consular proved worthiness, the Consular was allowed to keep the First Blade, the first of the ancient lightsabers. The lightsaber hilt was all that remained, and it was slightly modified, but there were still inscriptions on them. Because of the fact that the Consular's master, Yuon Par, was a skilled archaeologist, the Consular took the hilt back to Par, who deciphered the ancient code, which told of the Fount of Rajivari, a unique object (presumable a holocron) that contained all the secrets of Rajivari. It also revealed the fount's location. Realizing that Raloch was after the Fount of Rajivari, the Consular pursued the Twi'lek to the marked location, a cave of crystals. There, it was revealed that the Fount of Rajivari was in fact the spirit of Rajivari himself- Rajivari's spirit appeared to the Consular and directed him to both a nearby Crystal Cave and the Tythonian Forge to create a lightsaber and defeat Raloch to free him of the corrupted evil that had taken control of him. Rajivari's spirit also asked for the First Blade's hilt to be used as the hilt for the Consular's blade, then vanished.

The lightsaber is created

The Consular found a green crystal in the cave, and as it was the traditional color of all Jedi Consular's lightsabers, took it. However, this triggered a reaction throughout the cave that alerted a nearby Dark Beast. The Consular was forced to fight the beast, and ultimately prevailed, cutting it down. The Consular then ventured to the Forge, where the Consular built the lighsaber that would be wielded for life; using the green crystal found earlier and the modernized hilt of the First Blade.

The final battle with Raloch

"Another Jedi to preach, to nod, and do nothing while the Flesh Raiders ravage our homes!"
―Raloch taunts the Consular[src]
File:Nalen Raloch.png

Upon creating the lightsaber, the Consular barely had time to test it when Nalen Raloch appeared, also apparently there to create a lightsaber and deem himself a Dark Jedi, before destroying the Forge to prevent Jedi from creating their lightsabers in the future, which would limit their ability to fight, which gave Raloch a chance to attack and destory the Order. This was both unacceptable and dangerous, and the Consular told Raloch so. Raloch, however, in his corrupted arrogance, only snapped back with a sharp response, before attempting to manipulate his friends against the Consular. Seeing the error of Raloch's ways, the Twi'leks agreed to sit out of the battle that would inevitable ensue between the Jedi and Dark Jedi.

After several flurries of furious strikes, and the use of several Force powers, the Consular defeated Raloch. It was here, with his own defeat, that Raloch began to see the error of his ways. He pleaded for mercy, but there was no need- the Consular, a true Jedi, spared him, not willing to strike down a weaponless and helpless opponent. The Consular told Raloch to go to the Jedi Temple, where he would be redeemed and trained as a Jedi to learn to truly harness the Force, and for the greater good.

The Threat of the Dark Plague

The Noetikons

"The ritual is a difficult one to learn, Jedi, and will take many hours of deep meditation and study."
"I am ready, master."
― Master Wole Vahn cautioning the Barsen'thor on the learning of the Shielding Technique[src]

For the Consular's efforts in saving the Forge from Nalon Ralech, the Consular was promoted to Jedi Knight. However, during the Knighting ceremony, Yuon fell ill on Tython and it was the newly elevated Jedi Knight who was sent to search Coruscant for the lost Noetikons after arriving there aboard the Esseles, having fought off Grand Moff Rycus Kilran's forces with help from the Hero of Tython, the Unidentified Havoc Squad commander, and the Ace. After learning of the Noetikons' locations from Attros Finn, the doctor who was tending to Par, the Consular set out to find the Noetikons in the hopes that they would indeed provide the neccessary spell/ritual required to free Par from her mind control.The first was acquired after finding a Gand scavenger in the Galactic Market, the second after venturing into Black Sun Territory and finding a wounded Black Sun smuggler attempting to smuggle the artefact off-planet, the third was acquired only after encroaching on Justicar territory. Finally after tracking down three of them, the Jedi eventually learned the lost Shielding technique from the ancient Jedi Masters, whose knowledge was stored within the Noetikon of Secrets. This was done by placing the three Noetikons on a pedestal in the ruins of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Although the Consular learnt the technique, the Consular was subsequently ambushed by an unknown Sith. The Sith destroyed the pedestal, so that nobody could learn the technique in the future, but was too late to stop the Consular, who slew the Sith and his minions, before hurrying off to cure Yuon Par.

Curing the afflicted masters

Using this technique, the Jedi traveled to Taris, Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine, and Alderaan, in search of other Jedi Masters who had succumbed to the plague. While on Nar Shaddaa, the Jedi gained a new ally in the adventurous professor Tharan Cedrax and his holographic assistant/"girlfriend" Holiday (hologram). The Jedi and companions finally traced the source of the disease to the Sith Lord Vivicar, a former Jedi, who was seeking revenge upon the Jedi Order. As it turned out, Yuon and the sick Masters the Consular healed were, as Padawans, all on a mission to Malachor III along with fellow Padawan Parkanas Tark. There, the six stumbled on the tomb of the Sith Lord Terrak Morrhage, the creator of the Dark Plague. After he tormented them, the other five abandoned Parkanas on Malachor, allowing him to be possessed by the spirit of Morrhage (the other known victim of Vivicar's was Laranna Fain, a Jedi Knight and daughter of Jedi Master Duras Fain, one of the six Padawans on the mission to Malachor III).

The afflicted Jedi— Duras Fain, Sidonie Garen, Eriz Vossan, Cin Tykan and Laranna Fain— were cured of the Dark Plague, and the Barsen'thor set out to confront the Plaguemaster responsible for the devastation of the six Jedi's minds.

Battle with the plaguemaster

"I will crush you, Jedi, and your shattered body will fuel my rebirth!"
―Vivicar gloats to the Jedi Consular[src]

Tracking Vivicar to his ship, the Jedi dueled the Sith. Here, the Consular defeated the Sith, and stopped him from infecting the Jedi. Vivicar was then redeemed as Parkanas Tark and the spirit of Terrak Morrhage was expelled from his body. Upon returning to the Jedi Council, the Scorekeeper's Herald was named the third Barsen'thor of the Jedi Order.

Aiding the Rift Alliance

"The Republic is badly weakened. The Rift Alliance controls critical resources, armies, trade centers. If they leave, the Republic will die. "
"I refuse to believe there's no solution to this."
―The Supreme Chancellor and the Barsen'thor discuss the latter's mission, and how important it is that the latter succeeds[src]

Following the successful campaign against Vivicar, the Herald was given the rank of Jedi Master and the title of Barsen'thor, Warden of the Order. Accompanying the reception of the title, Barsen'thor was appointed by Supreme Chancellor Janarus to be the Republic's ambassador to the Rift Alliance, a group of powerful systems threatening to split off from the Republic. The mission nearly ended—as soon as it had begun—when the Alliance's ship came under attack from the Sith Empire. Were it not for Nadia Grell's warning, the mission would have ended in failure, but the Jedi Master managed to save the ambassadors, who took up residence in the Barsen'thor's Defender-class light corvette.

The Barsen'thor would continue to aid the Rift Alliance, in order to ensure their loyalty. It started on the planet Balmorra, where Barsen'thor would team up with a Balmorran resistance fighter named Zenith. With his help, Darth Lachris, the Sith in charge of the planet, was defeated and the planet freed with Tai Cordan, a member of the Rift Alliance, became the new president and Zenith joined Barsen'thor's crew. Lachris' ally, Darth Minax, was also slain.

The Jedi Master's next mission brought them to the planet Quesh, a planet known for its valuable chemicals and home of the Rift Alliance's Attis Station, an advanced research station. It was here Barsen'thor learned that Nadia Grell, daughter of Rift Alliance Senator Tobas Grell, was in fact Force Sensitive. Sometime later, after his death, she would become Barsen'thor's apprentice.

After preventing Attis Station from falling into Imperial hands, Barsen'thor went to Hoth in order to aid a Rift Alliance unit there under the command of a lieutenant Felix Iresso who was currently battling pirates of the White Maw, under the command of Captain Valon, known for being unkillable. It was eventually discovered that Valon's apparent invulnerability was due to an advanced "healing armor" he wore. After managing to disable that, Valon was defeated. Iresso joined the Jedi's crew and it seemed that finally the Rift Alliance had been swayed. However, as the Sarkhai sent warriors to join the Republic, it was learned that Blaesus, a member of the Rift Alliance, was actually one of the Children of the Sith Emperor, a group of powerful Sith infiltrators that had a special connection to the Emperor. He had kidnapped the Sarkhai king and queen and threatened to kill them. While Barsen'thor managed to defeat Blaesus, the Jedi Master was greatly worried by the inability to sense Blaesus' hidden darkness the whole time he was on the ship, only to learn the Children were being hidden by the influence of their leader, the First Son of the Emperor.

Facing the Children of the Sith Emperor

"Tell me why, Jedi. I stand unique among all other men in the galaxy. Why must I be destroyed? "
" There is more to you than the First Son of the Emperor. That part, I must save. "
"Gone. He is... is-uhh! "
" Now, Master Syo, while he's weak. Take control and unmask the other Children."
" I won't allow you to... I am the one who will not allow this, First Son. I know who I am. I am Syo Bakarn. I am a Jedi Master, and you have lost."
―The Barsen'thor successfully redeeming the First Son as Master Syo Bakarn[src]

Eventually, war broke out between the Empire and the Republic. While the Rift Alliance held out, Barsen'thor was given the task of finding an army for the Republic. Using clues of the Infinite Empire's secret army on Belsavis, they found a group of the ancient Esh-Ka, led by Hallow Voice. The Herald also won support on Voss, where a Voss mystic, Gaden-Ko, and his entourage, joined the Barsen'thor's forces.

As the war progressed, the Empire attacked Corellia. The first job for Barsen'thor and the Rift Alliance was to attack an Imperial fleet led by the Dreadnaught the Javelin. However, after boarding the vessel, it was revealed to be a trap set by the First Son. The ship was covered in detonite charges and was intended to destroy the Rift Alliance. Barsen'thor's companions and their new army was able to take out enough of the detonite charges that only the Javelin would be destroyed. However, one of Barsen'thor's friends was forced to escape in a pod, crashing on the surface of Corellia after gathering some Imperial intelligence reports.

With the Rift Alliance safe, Barsen'thor landed on the surface, leading their new army of Balmorran battle droids, Esh-ka warriors, and Voss commandos. At first, the Republic was confident due to its Guardian Holds, impenetrable fortresses across Coronet City. Unfortunately, it was revealed that Children of the Emperor, still protected by the First Son, had taken over the Guardian Holds. Thus, they would need to be defeated in order to retake them.

After retaking Guardian Hold Six, Barsen'thor's lost companion was recovered with help from Selonian scouts, and along with them, the stolen Imperial data. It also contained information about First Son. With help from Holiday, the data was unlocked. However, when this data was decrypted, Barsen'thor would, much to their dismay, find out that the First Son was none other than Jedi Council member Syo Bakarn, who was in command of the Guardian Holds on Corellia. Barsen'thor had to retake several Guardian Holds, and defeat the Children of the Emperor, and the Imperial Guards leading them. The Rift Alliance was able to retake the Guardian Holds, but they found no trace of the First Son; however, his location was revealed to be in the caves of Corellia. The Barsen'thor then set out to face him.

Duel with the First Son

"Tell me why Jedi. I stand unique among all other men in the galaxy. Why must I be destroyed?"
―A defeated First Son's last attempt to prevent destruction[src]

The Barsen'thor and Master Bakarn dueled in the caves, with their duel ending with the First Son's defeat and Master Syo's redemption. With First Son locked away back in Master Syo's mind, the cloak that was protecting the Children of the Emperor from being sensed by the Jedi was gone, revealing their presence. Returning to Coruscant, former Taris governor Saresh, now the newly selected Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, welcomed Barsen'thor back and stated they would help rebuild the Rift Alliance in thanks for their service and Barsen'thor selected one of the three remaining representatives to become their Senator. Hallow Voice and the Esh-ka were welcomed into the Republic as well. Gaden-Ko stated the Voss commandos would be honored and hoped that some Jedi would come to Voss to learn about the Mystics' understanding of the Force. And finally, the Barsen'thor then received Bakarn's now-empty seat on the Jedi High Council after being offered the role by Master Satele.

Despite this, the Children of the Sith Emperor were still at large- they were still active, and because the Hero of Tython had defeated the Emperor's Voice, causing the Emperor to fall into a deep slumber, the remaining Children of the Sith Emperor heard the Emperor's voice in their heads far more deeply than they ever had before- and now they were more dangerous than they had ever been before.

Continued travels

File:Darth Malgus Cold War.JPG

The Barsen'thor was eventually a key member of the Second Great Galactic War, even more so than during the Cold War, as in the latter, the Barsen'thor had only been active during the later parts. The Barsen'thor would be active for all of the Second Great Galactic War, though.

When the former Dark Councilor and Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Malgus betrayed the Sith Empire and broke away with an army of loyal mercenaries, droids and a few Sith allies during the Emperor's absence after his excruciatingly painful defeat at the hands of the Hero of Tython, the Barsen'thor teamed up with the Hero of Tython, Ace and Havoc Squad Commander once again, and after they defeated Malgus's forces, the reprogrammed droid HK-47 and Malgus's ally Darth Serevin on Ilum and Malgus's flagship, they fought - and defeated- Darth Malgus, although he survived and fled to an unknown sector of the Galaxy. Since then, the four greatest heroes of the Republic rejoined the war against the Sith which included facing the Infernal One on Belsavis, Karagga the Hutt. Later problems would arise on baradium-rich Denova, where the Imperial invaders defected and joined the Warstalkers, Trandoshan mercenaries hired by the Republic, who took over the planet for themselves. The Barsen'thor was among those sent to resolve the situation.

Personality and traits

"Would you risk your life to save Voss, outsider?"
"I accept the dangers."
―A Voss Mystic and the Barsen'thor[src]

The Barsen'thor was a calm, collected, wise and intelligent being. The Barsen'thor would take risks to help others, and would do whatever was neccessary to help others and redeem those fallen if possible. The Barsen'thor was described as having unparallelled wisdom and insight during the Cold War and Second Great Galactic War eras.

Powers and abilities

"A Jedi who was stronger in the Force at four when I was fifteen?"
―Master Yuon Par regards her padawan's strength and innate power[src]

Trained as a Jedi Consular, the Barsen'thor was a master of wielding the Force and had at least minor proficiency with a lightsaber. The Barasen'thor knew the Shielding Technique, applying it to remove Sith corruption or harmful effects of a target. This Shielding Technique was used primarily to deal with a dark plague created by Terrak Morrhage, and the Barsen'thor could indeed remove the harmful effects of the plague from its victims. The Barsen'thor also could use it without the need of sacrificing all his life force, as the former user of this technique had to sacrifice his or her life in order to successfully defeat Morrhage and his plague. The Barsen'thor also had enough telekinetic ability to rip through a blast door the size of a two-story building without any special help. Finally, the Barsen'thor could use the Force to detect cloaked enemies and use a Force Push strong enough to stun the First Son.

The Barsen'thor had at least a minor proficiency in wielding a lightsaber, and could apply kinetic combat and Force use while duelling. The Barsen'thor was skilled enough to defeat Nalen Raloch while only a Padawan, Lord Vivicar, as a knight, and numerous Children of the Sith Emperor such as Augin Blaesus, Darth Lachris, Darth Minax and the First Son as the Barsen'thor.

Behind the scenes

The Barsen'thor is the playable Jedi Consular from the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. During the customization, one can choose between several races, and between male and female. The title Barsen'thor is awarded to the player—after his or her defeat of Lord Vivicar, and the eradication of the plague—by the Council. By receiving the title, the Consular became the third Barsen'thor in the history of the Jedi Order. The male consular is voiced by Nolan North and the female by Athena Karkanis.


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