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The Children of the Sith Emperor were a mysterious group of the reformed Sith Empire, some of the most secretive and obscure servants of the Sith Emperor during the Great Galactic War and Cold War.[1]


Despite the Jedi Council's best efforts, very little was known about the Children. What little they did know came from scattered intelligence and personal accounts.

All Children of the Emperor were selected not long after they were born by Emperor Vitiate, and were brought before him. The reasons behind the selection of these specific children were unknown, but their members were all natives of the Empire and included dozens of species. The only other common factor between the Children was that they were all Force-sensitive.

When they were brought before the Emperor, the infants were infused with the Emperor's strength, sharing some measure of his thoughts and power for the rest of their lives. They became the Emperor's eyes and ears, and–should the Emperor focus his presence upon them–his puppets. It was believed that the children had some way to hide their dark presence from Jedi senses, meaning they could exist undetected within the Republic.

The position of the Children of the Sith Emperor within the Sith hierarchy was unclear. Few Sith Lords appeared to even know of their existence, and Sith who investigate rumors of the children have been known to disappear without a trace. Even the Dark Council only discovered their existence thanks to the actions of Darth Thanaton on Lenico IV. The Jedi first learned of the Children thanks to the defection of Darth Sajar, and would only gain concrete information on the group when Kira Carsen was revealed to be a former Child. Since the Emperor would not have gone to such elaborate lengths simply to create infiltrators in the Republic, the true purpose behind the children remained a mystery.


The Children of the Emperor remained largely unknown to the galaxy throughout the Great Galactic War and part of the Cold War, even to some of the Children themselves. However, their existence was revealed to the Jedi Order by former Sith Lord Darth Sajar, and his information was confirmed when the Child Valis attempted to capture Kira Carsen. Carsen, a former Child who had fled the Empire as a young girl when she began to suspect the presence of the Emperor within her, was the Padawan of a powerful young Jedi Knight who managed to defeat Valis.[2] After the fight, the Knight convinced Kira to tell the Council everything she knew about the group.

The Jedi began to investigate, and heard whispers of someone known as the First Son—the leader of the Children, who was shielding the other Children from the Jedi's sight. However, the First Son's identity was unknown until the Barsen'thor, the Warden of the Order, discovered that the First Son was in fact Syo Bakarn. Bakarn was a Jedi Master and longtime member of the Council, and he was not even actively aware that he was the First Son.


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The Barsen'thor pursued Bakarn, eventually battling him on Corellia. With the defeat of the First Son, the Children became visible to the Jedi, allowing the Order to root them out.

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