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"Cipher Nine"
Biographical information

Old Republic era


Cipher Nine was codename for an Intelligence Operative of the Sith Empire.

Nine was promoted from Agent to Cipher at the behest of Keeper after Nine's successes on Hutta and later within and around Kaas City itself. Chief among these successes was Nine's foiling of a terrorist attack against Kaas City, via its power grid.

Darth Jadus himself was seen to have been impressed with Nine's work and kept a personal eye on The Cipher's work up until his defeat at the agent's hand.

Nine's Agency liaisons were handled by Watcher Two.

Cipher Nine was ultimately successful in bringing down the Star Cabal.

Behind the scenes

Cipher Nine is a title bestowed upon a player's Imperial Agent character in The Old Republic at a certain point in the class storyline. In the scene the player is promoted from an Imperial Agent to a Cipher Agent by Keeper.

Male Nine is voiced by Bertie Carvel whilst the female is voiced by Jo Wyatt.


The companions of Cipher Nine
2V-R8Kaliyo DjannisVector Hyllus
Eckard LokinScorpioRaina Temple

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