Zava'rah Kirkorian
Dark Lady Zava'rah
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Once a Grand Master of OJO captured by Dark Lord Oblivion, tortured surrounded by order of the Dark Sith Lords, she survives only to remember black after she faints. Dark lady Zava'rah now joins Dark Lord Oblivion at his side now to be taught by him as he converts her be his Empress.


Rise to power Dark Lady Zava'rahEdit

The war raged as Master Zav fought with her OJO Jedi till they saw that the losses were worse than what they had predicted. Master Zav rallied up her Jedi to take the final leave they had talked about it the war was going bad and to be captured by sith worse. She got all of her people together who were still alive and had them take pods off the planet before Onderon fell to the Sith. Little did she know is that the Galactic Senate had no back ups to send. As she comm-ed for help Master Jedi took the call and said they had no one to send to back up Onderon. Fearing this she escaped to the hills of Onderon hoping help would come ot her sooner than later.

As the last call was made she saw behind her the troops of ODSL come behind her she struggle as the com line was opened. What the Galactic Senate heard for the last time the Grand Master fighting for her life .... then the com crackle came in you can heard the Grand Master Scream as the sith tortured her till she..... com went dead. What happened was beyond thinking for the sith were able to get their prize a Master Jedi not only Jedi but a one who was a Skywalker bloodline at last. She blacked out from the pain of torture of electricity going into her mind ending her life.

As she blacked out a Dark Lord entered " prepare her for she will be mine". She was brought into surgery to repair what was damaged as the Sith alchemist do placed a small machine inside of her brain to let her speak the ancient language of Sith. The last thing she only remembers now is the pain and the black out the rest was removed her memories of her life as a Jedi. Enters Dark Lady Zava'rah owned by Dark Lord Oblivion not knowing who she was. The story now continues her life as a Dark Lady of Sith not knowing who she was.

Personality, Traits and AccomplishmentsEdit





Light SabersEdit

Apprentice SaberEdit


Powers and abilitiesEdit

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