Darth Jadus
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Dromund Kaas (presumed)[1]

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Old Republic era[1]

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Darth Zhorrid[1]

"Come. Stand before me, and revel in the power of the Dark Council. Allow your body to betray you. Allow your blood to boil, and your heart to slow. Everything that is not of the dark side will be purged—or it will be tainted."
―Jadus, Dark Lord of the Sith[src]

Darth Jadus was a male Human Dark Lord of the Sith of the Sith Empire and a member of the Emperor's Dark Council. Additionally, Jadus asserted his influence over the Imperial Intelligence network, controlling it through various liaisons.


Jadus was a Human male Dark Lord of the Sith presumed born on the Sith capital of Dromund Kaas[1], located in the Outer Rim.[2] Jadus rose to prominence among the Sith during the years of the Great Galactic War and the subsequent Cold War, securing a position for himself on the Sith's Dark Council. The Sith Lord gained control of the Imperial Intelligence network during the Cold War, working behind the scenes through various liaisons. At some point he sired a daughter who became his only known apprentice. Jadus also commanded the Imperial dreadnaught Dominator.[1]

In one possible outcome, after it was discovered that he faked his own death and his flagship was intact, he was defeated by an Imperial Agent codenamed Cipher Nine, as well as imprisoned or exiled and removed from the Dark Council.[3]

One other possibility is that Cipher Nine ends up joining Jadus, acting as his hand to reform the Imperial Intelligence from within.

Personality and traits

A prominent yet enigmatic figure among the Sith, Darth Jadus was known for showing more self-restraint than his fellow Lords, rarely succumbing to the passions and emotions that powered the dark side of the Force. His personal motives and passions were unclear to all; he showed very little interest in concerning himself with the squabbles and power struggles so common among his people, instead focusing his influence on the Imperial Intelligence network. His enigmatic nature, coupled with his tendency to contract outsiders who had earned their own reputations for intelligence missions rather than other Sith, fostered a sense of unease and distrust among his peers.[1]

It was suggested by Imperial Intelligence employees that Darth Jadus' powers were second only to the Emperor himself. Indeed, those unfortunate enough to find themselves in his presence experience a physical sensation of pain and suffering, as the energy of the Dark Side radiates from him.

Behind the scenes

Darth Jadus was first identified in an in-universe Holonet entry on the website for BioWare's video game Star Wars: The Old Republic. Included in this entry are Aurebesh phrases such as "Herald of a New Era," "Daughter is only known apprentice," and "Who is the hand of Jadus".

There are four alternate options to Jadus' fate: in the light side option, Cipher Nine can decide to stop the Eradicators and let Jadus escape or bargain with him before letting him go into exile and deactivate the Eradicators; in the dark side, Cipher Nine chooses to attack and arrest Jadus, thus sealing the fate of countless lives on Dromund Kaas; in another dark side option, Cipher Nine can join Jadus and let him reform Intelligence to his own use.



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