Jedi Master Zoffa left as his jedi knight of NOJ and freind to take some vacation while his padawan UrZuric was left of the planet of yavin 4 with mixed emotions. UrZuric was lured by Lady Dolor to the crystal cave of yavin 4 and she asked to show zuric something..

Dark Lord Oblivion
Emperor Oblivion
Death Oblivion
UrZuric Kirkorian
Biographical information

At 315ABY on Yavin 4, Zuric find Darth Revan's Mask.


Still Alive because his counterpart within Zuric alive.

Physical description







18 to 24





Chronological information
  • Emperor Oblivion was ones of the strongest of sith and still do this day people fear the name even spoken of his return.
  • This is true, I wotn come back.
  • No one has heard the name as it is lost now for 2 years.
OOC Informations

4/1/2006 on Star Wars Secondlife


UrZuric Kirkorian


The Birth of Oblivion

The Death of Urzuric and the birth of Oblivion

UrZuric meet others who used the darkside of the force to their will. The young man asked all sith if he was also a sith because he had some of the similar powers as they did. Feeling so confused in his mind he thought he should not be a Jedi. UrZuric felt that his place at the jedi academy was wrong.

Dolor poised UrZuric with sith species blood quickly injecting him with lighting speed and watched as he feel victim to the darkside of the force. Lady Dolor cut at the young knight of the NOJ and left blood all on the ground.

The jedi came to the Cavers to see the fallen padawan with his blood spilled all over the floor. The jedi brought UrZuric to the bacta tanks and set him inside. UrZuric spirit grew severely angry and would not transfer to the force.

Then in a moment of his rage he grabbed the throats of two troopers in the medical lab.

UrZuric begain to drain the troopers of their lifeforce with using the darkside of the force.

Something still good in him would not fully take the lives of the troopers.

Darth Malphas entered into the bacta tank room. He could sense UrZuric dying and did not want him passing on. Darth Malphas saved UrZuric by imprisoning his soul into a glass jar. Darth Malphas used the darkside of his power to keep urzurics body alive while he torments him with nightmares of loosing his parents.

Then UrZuric's body went lifeless. Darth Malphas kept UrZurics body alive but only to steal his body in the middle of the night by his two apprentices. The Dark Lord planes to bring UrZuric back to life with the help of the darkside while draining the life of a helpless person and giving to UrZuric's body so his head will heal to his body.

Darth Malphas comes to Yavin and fills the air with darkness to cloud the minds of the Jedi.

His two apprentices sneak into the medical lab and find UrZuric's body. Dolor hacks into the bacta tank and removes the code holding UrZuric in.

Azlum opens his eyes as watches what is going on and pounds on the glass. The two apprentices put a teleporter on UrZurics body and teleport to the transport. They put UrZuric in a medical capsule they have waiting and the medical driod starts to attach bone, nerve endings, and blood back to his body.

UrZuric's body recovers after 10 days. Then sensing his new apprentice and absolute hatred coming from his soul jar decides to put UrZuric's soul back into his body.

Darth Malphas tells UrZuric that he has brought him back to life and to serve him as his master. "Let the hate consume you off lost UrZuric and become what you where ment to be. Then UrZuric allows all hatred to fill him. Helion faints for a few min. as he feels his padawan fall to the darkside then can no longer feel him.

Rise Darth Oblivion and bring hatred and passion to the force. Darth Malphas gives UrZuric a mask of hate and new robes to follow. {C {C UrZuric puts new crystals into his lightsaber. The red crystals and hatred turn UrZuric saber to black........

The Birth Of Darth Oblivion..............

He later became a Sith Lord At the the age of 19.........

The End of Emperor Oblivion

Great battle of Coruscant

During the great battle of Coruscant Dark Lord Oblivon was the last one standing from Dark Sith Lords.

Dark Lord Oblivion was Emperor of the sith for two years.

All of the jedi in the galaxy from NOJ, KOJ, and Ossus united to stop the greatest Dark Lord of all time.

In the final battle it was Master Moonsoo and Emperor Oblivion left. Emperor Oblivion stricked Master Moonsoo down in a cold blooded rage and then Emperor Oblivion stopped.

Why did Oblivion stop?

Master Moonsoo watching Oblivion stop waved her hand fast in front of emperor oblivions eyes to do a jedi mind wipe. Emperor Oblivion fell to his knees and was nocked out.

Moonsoo cries for emperor oblivion. Moonsoo does not want urzuric to wakeup and to become Oblivion any more. So moonsoo uses an ancient form of a jedi mind wipe of Oblivion's mind and takes the mask of oblivion off of him to finally see zuric's face.

Master Moonsoo is the only Jedi to have ever seen Oblivion face with his mask off.

UrZuric lost all his memories of Oblivion as if it never happeend

Moonsoo not trusting the Jedi Or Empire on Coruscant has the other Jedi put UrZuric in a locked medical capsule and takes him to yavin 4 and then seals him in secret room only the jedi know of.

Master Moonsoo then hides the Mask of Oblivion so that the emperor is forgotten.

The Return of Dark Lord Oblivion

Personality, Traits and Accomplishments





Light Sabers

Apprentice Saber


Powers and abilities

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