Astrographical Region: another galactic cluster

System: Sol system Suns 1: Sol Moons 1: Luna Physical Primary terrain Varies Native species: Humans Immigrated species: None

Societal Official language: Galactic Basic Standard Major cities: 10 largest (metropolitian area): Tokyo, Ciudad de México, Soul, New York, São Paulo, Mumbai, Delhi, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Osaka Affiliation: Independent


Earth is in another galactic cluster planet notable for its biological diversity, which could be compared to other Human worlds like Corellia, Alderaan and Naboo, and its inhabitants' claims that Earth was the origin of the Human species. Located in a remote galactic cluster, away from spiral branches and established hyperspace routes, Earth could be considered a lost world, hosting a backwater Human civilization. It was the third planet in the Sol system, orbited by its only moon, Luna (interestingly, the words "Sol" and "Luna" mean simply "sun" and "moon" in one of the ancient Earthean languages), and its rather balanced position in the system ensured unique ecological conditions. Like on other Human worlds, Earth had large amount of surface water (approximately 2/3 of the surface), and almost every known climatic zone could be found on the planet, from arctic to tropical to deserts, which is one of the main reasons for the unprecedented variety of Earthean flora and fauna.


In Earth 21 century in another galactic cluster which in when human research team is forced to evacuate their secret Icarus base, they find themselves on board a derelict Ancient vessel that is many galaxies away from Earth. 3 years later on Earth have past on Ancient vessel the human found a hyperspace routes to travel through time to 200,000 BBY then Ancient vessel inner in Tython was a planet located within the Tython system of the Deep Core. Then Ancient vessel crash land on the planet know as Tython.

By 11,000 BBY; A small group of human explorers from Coruscant what to know where did the human come from, then the human explorers leave Coruscant to search their home world. The explorers of Coruscant appeared on Earth and was not contacted ever since, allowing its civilization to develop independently. However, it is believed that it was visited several times by other species, such as Children of the Green Planet. By 0 BBY but It's on Earth year is 2000 AD was discovered by the Galactic Empire as a result of Emperor Palpatine's expansionist program, which was researching previously untouched areas of the Outer Rim, Wild Space, and Unknown Regions. However, the Empire decided not to colonize the world, as the discovery of Earth coincided with the rise of the Rebellion; after the Death Star was destroyed at the Battle of Yavin, the Empire was forced to reorganize its fleet, recalling its vessels bound to Earth to the Yavin system. By 21 ABY; The first New Republic ambassadors made contact with major Earthean leaders, setting a course to eventual globalization and integration of the Human civilization of Earth. Upon the formation of the Galactic Alliance, Chief of State Cal Omas declared that the Alliance would establish a strong presence on Earth as soon as the natives were "ready" for it.


By 24 ABY; One notable distinguishing mark of the Earthean society was the lack of any Force-based cult: no existing religious cults on Earth actually exercised Force usage. After studying the first reports, the Jedi mostly agreed with the opinion of Master Luke Skywalker, who suspected that the descendants of the colonists of Earth gradually lost their Force sensitivity, similar to the Rakata of the Infinite Empire. Nevertheless, a Jedi covert group sent to Earth found 0.7% of one particular nation's population to be Force-sensitive. The Jedi Order later made the statistics publicly available. By 29 ABY, the Earthean (or Earthican) society was fragmented into over two hundred independent states, although recent trends indicated ongoing unification and "world citizenship" efforts aimed to erode cultural differences with the help of a relatively new worldwide computer network — in partucular, Galactic Basic Standard was rapidly becoming the de facto global language of Earth. Despite that, the majority of Earth's population remained xenophobic, sometimes expressing speciesism, racism and nationalism to the point of open hostility towards other Human races and communities on Earth, as well as opposing ongoing globalization. While it is a matter of debate whether the majority of Eartheans believed in the existence of life beyond their planet, the New Republic ambassadors described the population of Earth as unprepared, for the most part, for a full-fledged interplanetary contact, which would be almost universally interpreted as a hostile invasion. Although there were a number of ongoing projects aimed to detect intelligent life outside Earth, the technology they used was deemed too primitive — in particular, it did not take hyperspace into account.

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