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This article is about Jedi farsight. You may be looking for Gungan farseein.
"I wouldn't trust Jedi farsight all that much if I were you. The Emperor did a lot of that, too. It didn't help him much in the end…"
―Mara Jade[src]

Farsight or Farpathy was the ability to gain vague impressions of events happening in other places or times using the Force. These visions focused on strong imagery and emotions. The future is always in motion, however, and is thus subject to change.

Jedi and Sith skilled in this technique were capable of detecting when friends and apprentices were in danger, examining details of past events, and predicting the probable outcome of a stated course of action. Farsight could also be applied to combat, allowing the practitioner to glimpse moves his opponent may make, as well as outside forces that might affect the battle. Sometimes, if the Jedi was in meditation for long enough, in farsight, their spirit could leave their body for a limited amount of time, making their spirit able to go where they please.[source?] This was used for reconnaissance in a hostile place.

Palpatine used this skill to discover that Darth Vader was in danger after his fight with Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.[1] He also used it to set his traps for the Jedi, keeping himself several steps ahead.

Despite being a powerful Force-user, Galen Marek had problems with farsight until he recognized himself as a Jedi.

One of the first Force powers Yoda taught to the young Luke Skywalker was farseeing. He used this ability to sense that his friends were in danger on Bespin. Despite the advice of Yoda and the Force ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi, he decided to intervene.[2]

Known farseeing users

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Behind the scenes

In the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, receiving a farseeing vision  requires at least an hour of meditation, and can only be done once per week (although members of the Gand Findsman prestige class could use it as often as three times per day).

Farsight resembles the occult technique known as an Out of Body Experience, or Astral Projection. The users of the technique claim that after inducing a trance like state, they can leave their physical body and explore their surroundings.



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