Harron Tavus

Harron Tavus was a lieutenant in the Republic Special Forces who fought in the Great Galactic War. He was friends with and fought alongside Jedi Orgus Din during the offensive in the Minos Cluster. Tavus was present when the Sith Empire attacked the capital world of Coruscant and again fought alongside Din to repel the invaders, though they were ultimately unsuccessful. After the Treaty of Coruscant was signed, officially ending the war, Tavus accompanied Din on a diplomatic mission to Balmorra during which they rescued Satele Shan and SP-99 from an adrift escape pod.

Physical information

  • Species: Human
  • Races:
  • Gender: Male
  • Height:
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Skin color:
  • Eyes color:
  • Cybernetics:
  • Midichlorian count:

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  • Surname: Harron Tavus
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Harron Tavus[3] observed the end of the Sith Empire's offensive in the Minos Cluster while serving as a lieutenant in the Republic Special Forces[2] along with the Jedi Orgus Din. They later reported this to the Galactic Senate on Coruscant, and were present when the Sith forces attacked the capital world. He fired at the emerging Sith troopers just as Din engaged Lord Angral in lightsaber combat. When Din disengaged from combat with the Sith Lord and headed for the Jedi Temple, Tavus followed him, only to find the temple in ruins.[1]

Later, Tavus accompanied Din on a diplomatic mission to Balmorra in the wake of an incident precipitated by Din's former apprentice, Fortris Gall. While en route, they stumbled across a Republic escape pod at the same moment a Mandalorian cruiser was also approaching. Tavus warned off the Mandalorians, who refused to withdraw. Shots were fired, but Tavus and Din were able to recover the pod which held Jedi Knight Satele Shan and the droid SP-99. Shan updated her two rescuers on the Sith betrayal, and insisted that, after they notified Grand Master Zym, they attempt to rescue Master Dar'nala, who was still a prisoner of the Sith Empire.[4]

Soon after however, Tavus received a transmission from Master Zym who informed them that they had intercepted an Imperial communications transmission that revealed that Dar'nala had been executed. Soon after, Tavus went to Shan's quarters to comfort her, which she was grateful for.

Upon arriving on Balmorra, Tavus and Din were greeted by Master Buryn, who revealed that fighting on the planet had resumed. Meanwhile, Din had ordered Gall to go to Dantooine to assist in ending the fighting there, with who Tavus and Shan tagged along. During the ride, Tavus talked with Satele about developing a relationship.

Once they reached Dantooine, the commanding officer said Gall had already arrived and was helping them continue the battle against the Sith. Tavus agreed to leave the troops behind. He was later contacted by Gall to meet him at the ruins of the Jedi Enclave. When he saw SP-99 spying on him yet again, he shot and destroyed the droid.

Later Fortris Gall brought Tavus to the ruins of the old Jedi enclave where he revealed that he along with some other Jedi, not the Sith, were responsible for the bombing of the Senate Tower. Dar'nala, who hadn't been killed, then entered with a Wookiee bounty hunter named Dalborra, who was under her influence. Dar'nala was leading the group that wanted to disrupt the treaty to "save" the Republic. Tavus accused them of treason, but Dar'nala said that standing by while the Republic suffers under the treaty was real treason, The trio then offered Tavus a chance to join them, since there was only a few more steps to take until Baras would be framed as the one disrupting the treaty. Tavus agreed.

The group met Baras and Angral at the crystal caves where Satele soon arrived as well. Dar'nala was revealed to be responsible for the attack on the Envoy Baras tried to turn Satele to the dark side but she resisted. Tavus had Angral beat and was about to kill him when Satele told him to stand down, by killing Angral he'd just be playing into the Sith's hands. An infuriated Dar'nala called them both traitors and stated Satele broke her heart, and she would break Satele's in turn by killing Tavus, who she sensed that Satele loved. Gall blocked the strike saving Tavus' life and turning on Dar'nala who had gone mad.

Dar'Nala was killed seconds later by Dalborra, who managed to escape the Dark Jedi's mind control. Satele gathered Tavus and Gall together and escaped the caves. They returned to the base, where Din announced the Major in charge had finally seen reason and agreed to pull out.

Personality and traits

Tavus was a very competent soldier in the Republic Special Forces[2] who remained level-headed and decisive even under pressure, as shown by his actions during the Sacking of Coruscant. Instead of panicking at the vicious surprise attack, Tavus proceeded to engage the invading Sith forces with professionalism and precision, fighting at the side of Jedi Master Orgus Din.[1] Tavus' confidence was also demonstrated in a tendency to be slightly cocky: he made several casual, flippant, and teasing remarks to Satele Shan following her rescue from a drifting escape pod.[4] He was also capable of maintaining close relationships with others, as evidenced by his first-name-basis friendship with Jedi Master Orgus Din.


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Notes and references

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