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"Hero of Tython"
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Kira Carsen

"You embody what every Jedi strives to become."
Grand Master Satele Shan, to the Jedi[src]

The Hero of Tython was a Jedi who battled the resurgent Sith Empire during the Cold War and subsequent Second Great Galactic War. A powerful Jedi Knight, the Hero was instrumental in the defeat of Darth Angral during the Desolator crisis, and played a major role in the beginnings of the Second Great Galactic War. After many more adventures, the Knight fought and single-handedly defeated the Sith Emperor, one of the most powerful Sith Lords in existence, in combat, and was elevated to the rank of Jedi Master by Grand Master Satele Shan for their bravery and exploits.

The Jedi who would become known as the Hero of Tython was trained under several masters across the galaxy during the Cold War with the resurgent Sith Empire. Taken on as an apprentice by Jedi Master Orgus Din on Tython around 3,643 BBY, the Padawan defeated the Dark Jedi Bengel Morr and stopped the native Flesh Raider invasion with the help astromech droid T7-O1. Granted the rank of Jedi Knight by Grand Master Satele Shan, the Knight was sent to the Republic capital of Coruscant.

On Coruscant, the Knight met the Padawan Kira Carsen and teamed up with her to track down and defeat Tarnis, a Sith Lord who had been masquerading as a Republic scientist to create the Planet Prison superweapon. When the Knight struck down Tarnis in a duel, the Jedi incurred the wrath of Tarnis' father Darth Angral. Angral embarked on a campaign of vengeance by seizing control of several Republic superweapon projects, forcing the Knight, T7, and Carsen—now the Jedi's Padawan—to travel to Ord Mantell and recover information about his plans. Travelling to Taris, Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine, and Alderaan, the trio destroyed the stolen superweapons and defeated Angral's apprentices. After Angral destroyed the agriworld of Uphrades, the Knight and Carsen faced the Sith Lord aboard his ship above Tython. Despite Carsen's possession by the Emperor, the Knight was able to defeat Darth Angral and break the Emperor's control over the Padawan. For their actions during the crisis, Grand Master Shan bestowed the title of "Hero of Tython" upon the Knight and elevated Carsen to Knight.

Not long after the ordeal with Angral, the Knight received a visit from Master Din's Force ghost, telling his apprentice to find a crashed ship on Tatooine. There, the Knight discovered the injured Jedi Jomar Chul, who gave the Hero sensor logs to give to Grand Master Shan and Jedi Master Tol Braga. Meeting with Braga on Tython, the Kel Dor asked the Hero to join a strike team that he was forming to capture the Sith Emperor and bring him back to Tython. Braga sent the Knight to Balmorra, where the Hero aided fellow Jedi Warren Sedoru in recovering plans for the cloaking device on the Emperor's Emperor's space fortress and gained a new ally in the medic Doc.



Training on Tython

"The Jedi Council will assign you a new Master to oversee your final trials. You'll be tested in ways you can't imagine. But when you leave Tython, you'll know what it means to be a Jedi Knight."
Derrin Weller, to the Jedi[src]
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Trained under several masters during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, a young Jedi was eventually sent to Tython to learn from an official master around 3,643 BBY.[1]

Almost immediately upon arriving, Jedi Master Derrin Weller sent the Jedi into the Tythonian Gnarls to combat the Flesh Raiders, the hostile natives of that world. After fighting off a number of attacks by the savages, Weller contacted the Jedi again and told them that he had discovered a cave that the Flesh Raiders were using to sneak into the area. As Weller had been injured, he asked the Jedi to seal off the cavern.[1]

The learner entered the cave and fought their way through the Flesh Raiders inside until they encountered a Dark Jedi named Callef. The Jedi was forced to kill Callef in a duel, after which the Council member Orgus Din arrived. Din used the Force to collapse the cavern and took Callef's hostage to safety, telling the learner to go to the Temple.[1]


At the Temple, the Jedi was instructed to meet with the Grand Master Satele Shan in her chambers. After speaking with the Grand Master briefly, the Jedi came before the Council and was surprised Master Din announced that he be taking on the apprentice as his own Padawan. After the Council meeting, Din met with his new apprentice in the Master's private chambers. Giving the Padawan full access to his personal supplies, Din sent his apprentice to speak with Sumari, the Matriarch of the Twi'lek settlement Kalikori Village.[2]

Sumari asked the Padawan to aid the village by relieving the Flesh Raiders of a weapons cache, but the Matriarch was forced to retire midway through their conversation because of illness. Scout Chief Moorint wanted the Padawan to destroy the weapons and deny the Flesh Raiders a tactical advantage, but Sumari's daughter Ranna Tao'ven believed that the village would be better off if the Jedi recovered the weapons instead of destroying them, so that the village could defend itself. Thinking over the matter, Din's Padawan agreed with Ranna and decided to recover the weapons.[2]

When the Padawan fought through the Flesh Raiders to the weapons cache, the apprentice discovered an old astromech droid named T7-O1 locked inside. Rescuing T7, the Padawan learned that the droid was in fact working as a reconnaissance droid for the Order, and the pair returned to Kalikori with the weapons. After witnessing Saylew, whose wife had died in attack while the Padawan was gone, angrily argue with Orgus Din and Tao'ven, the Jedi gave the weapons to the settlers. The Padawan then showed Din the recording that T7 had made of a mysterious figure giving orders to Callef and the Flesh Raiders, and Din recognized the voice of the figure when shown the hologram. Din refused to speculate further, however, and sent the Padawan to investigate the recent sightings of Flesh Raiders in the ruins of the ancient Je'daii temple Kaleth while he discussed the figure with the rest of the Council.[2]


Secrets of the Flesh Raiders

Venturing into the ancient ruins, the Padawan fought a way past the temple's ancient defense droids and followed the Flesh Raiders' trail into a cavern. Following the tunnel, the Jedi emerged in a remote meditation shrine where several Flesh Raiders were waiting. The apprentice was stunned when the Flesh Raiders' leader called the Padawan Je'daii in Basic, revealing that the natives could in fact speak. The leader then blasted the Padawan with the Force, further revealing that they could also use the Force. Regardless of the natives' advantage of surprise, the Jedi managed to defeat the Flesh Raiders in combat.[3]

It was at this point that Master Bela Kiwiiks, another member of the Council, arrived with her Padawan Kira Carsen. Kiwiiks asked Din's apprentice to plant surveillance devices in the ruins so that the Order could monitor the area, ensuring that the Flesh Raiders did not return, while she and her apprentice pursued another group of the natives. After doing so, the Padawan received a holomessage from their master asking them to meet him at Kalikori Village.[3]

Master Orgus informed his Padawan that the Order was preparing to stop the Flesh Raiders' newly coordinated attacks by striking at multiple camps across the planet, but they needed to shut down the shield generator protecting the camps.
He also revealed the identity of the hooded figure in T7's recording—it was Bengel Morr, Din's former Padawan who had disappeared in the Sacking of Coruscant over ten years ago. The Padawan and T7 headed up into the Tythos Ridge, the mountains east of the village, in search of the generator. After they shut down the shield, Bengel Morr contacted the Jedi and told the Padawan of his goal: the destruction of the Jedi Order. T7 and the apprentice rushed back to Kalikori Village to warn Master Orgus, but the newly appointed Matriarch Ranna begged the Padawan to help stop the Flesh Raiders who were poisoning the village's crops. After the Jedi shut down the toxin mines and defeated the saboteurs, the apprentice was contacted by Din.[4]

As he and the other Masters were busying attacking various Flesh Raider camps, Din needed his Padawan to destroy a Flesh Raider base within the ruins of Kaleth. The Jedi and T7 traveled to the ruins, where they found the grievously wounded Selkath Jedi Laotah. Laotah's lightsaber had been stolen by a Force-sensitive Flesh Raider, who had savagely beaten the Jedi to the point of death. As the Selkath died, the Padawan promised to recover Laotah's lightsaber from his killer. After defeating the Flesh Raiders' leader and recovering the lightsaber—which was broken in the battle—the Padawan was contacted by Din again. Orgus had recieved information that suggested the Flesh Raiders were preparing for a massive invasion, and he had also detected an emergency alert from Kalikori. Din told his Padawan and T7 to meet him at the village immediately.[5]

The Weapon is Forged

"You're stronger than any Jedi I've known. You could redeem the order and destroy the Sith."
―Bengel Morr, after his defeat[src]
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File:Ranna Tao'Ven.jpg

But when they arrived at Kalikori, the Padawan's master was nowhere to be found. The Padawan questioned Ranna as to the source of the alert, but she claimed that they hadn't sent any alerts, and that Master Din had never arrived at the village. But while they were talking, the Jedi was suddenly shot from behind with a stun bolt and T7 with an ion blast. The Padawan awoke quickly, however, to find Ranna standing over the pair and arguing with Saylew, Moorint, and Eseni. She was trying to stop them from taking the Padawan, claiming that they weren't part of the deal. Saylew revealed to the Padawan that Bengel Morr had made a deal with the villagers a few hours earlier—if they delivered Orgus Din to him, Morr's Flesh Raider forces would stop attacking the village. But Morr had changed the terms, demanding the death of Din's Padawan as well.[5]

Thinking quickly, the Padawan was able to influence the villagers to put down their weapons and leave. When they confronted Ranna, she begged for their forgiveness—her inexperience and her grief over her mother's recent death had allowed the others to convince her. When she asked what she should do, the Jedi told her to atone for her crimes and strive to make up for them for the rest of her life. Thanking the Padawan for their forgiveness, she told the Jedi and the newly-reactivated T7 that Morr had taken Din to some place called the Forge.[5]


T7 and the Padawan immediately contacted A-4P0, one of the droids at the Temple Archives, and told the protocol droid to send all of the information on the Forge to T7 right away. The pair raced south, using a tunnel behind the Tythos River's waterfall to reach Vur Tepe, the ancient temple were the first Jedi had built their swords.[6] Fighting their way through Morr's massed Flesh Raider forces, the Padawan and T7 crossed the ruins of the temple and entered the canyon where the ancient machine known as the Forge stood.[7]

The Padawan found Bengel and two of his Flesh Raider Adepts at the base of the Forge's steps, with the unconscious body of Orgus Din lying at the Dark Jedi's feet. Expressing his disdain for his former Master's new apprentice, Morr commanded his Adepts to kill the Jedi and joined them in attacking the Padawan. However, the Dark Jedi greatly underestimated the other Jedi's skill and strnegth, resulting in his defeat. Acknowledging the apprentice's power, Morr claimed that he understood his destiny now: he would be the Padawan's herald, and asked the Jedi to allow him to leave and prepare the galaxy for the Padawan's rise.[7]

The Padawan refused, however, and knocked out the misguided Nautolan. The Jedi then awoke Master Din, who congratulated them on their defeat of his former apprentice and their decision to spare Morr's life. Din gave his Padawan the components necessary to build a lightsaber, and told them to enter the Forge and craft their weapon, while Din himself took the unconscious Morr back to the Temple. The apprentice ascended the steps and activated the ancient machine, building their lightsaber with the Force through deep meditation. But the opening of the Forge awoke a sleeping Jurgoran in one of the canyon's caves below, and the savage beast ascended the cliff to reach the narrow bridge that spanned the ravine. The Jurgoran blocked T7 and the Padawan's path to the cave tunnel they had come through, and the Jedi was forced to kill the beast with their new weapon to reach safety.[7]

"You arrived on Tython a Padawan, but you leave a Knight of the Republic. May the Force be with you."
―Grand Master Satele Shan[src]

Upon returning to the Temple, the Padawan met with the Council once more in the Council Chamber. There, Grand Master Shan conferred the title of Jedi Knight upon the Padawan, in recognition for their bravery and their exploits in stopping the Flesh Raiders and Bengel Morr. Masters Shan and Din then ordered the new Knight to take a shuttle to Coruscant, the Republic capital, to help Master Kiwiiks and her Padawan locate the dark threat they had detected.[7]

Early Knighthood

Traveling to Coruscant

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The newly christened Knight departed Tython with T7 on a shuttle and traveled to Carrick Station, the headquarters of the Republic fleet. There, the Knight spoke with the Mirialan Master Nimi, who directed the Jedi to speak with Master Cassa Hun. Hun, a Twi'lek Jedi Master, helped the new Knight decide which path to take: the way of the Jedi Sentinel or that of the Jedi Guardian.[8]

When the Knight and T7 reached the station's departure hangar, they learned that Master Shan had arranged for the Knight to travel to Coruscant on the cruiser Esseles. But during their journey, the ship was attacked by an Imperial warship, and an Imperial assault group boarded the vessel not long after the Esseles was pulled from hyperspace.[9]

The Knight immediately headed to the bridge after the ship came under fire, joined by an unknown Jedi Consular, a smuggler, and a member of the elite Havoc Squad. The four fought their way to the bridge, where they found the body of the ship's captain Tyrus on the floor. Tyrus had been killed in the Glory's first attack, and the navigator Plex pulled First Officer Haken away from the body and informed him that he now had command. When the group asked how they could help, Haken began to lash out at them about the futility of their situation. But the panicking officer was interrupted by the ship's communications officer Raste, who patched through a incoming message from the enemy.[9]

The commander of the Emperor's Glory introduced himself as Moff Rycus Kilran. Ordering the ship to stand down, Kilran informed the crew and the Knight's group of his target: the Republic ambassador Vyn Asara, who was considered a war criminal by the Empire. Despite Haken's claims that their was no one of that name on the ship, Kilran informed them that his forces were already boarding the Esseles with the help of undercover Imperial agents aboard the ship and terminated the transmission. Ignoring Haken's opinion that the group would be of no help against the invaders, the four headed to the main airlock.[9]


The two Jedi, the smuggler, and the trooper aided Commander Narlock, the head of the ship's security, and his men repel the Imperial boarding party led by Lieutenant Isric, but their victory was cut short by the arrival of the Twi'lek passenger the group had talked to earlier. The woman, who had expressed concern that an Imperial warship had been following the Esseles, revealed her identity as Ambassador Asara, and informed them of Kilran's real plan: while the group had been repelling the Imperial boarding party, a team of Mandalorians led by the Mandalorian mercenary Ironfist had seized the bridge and initiated a lockdown.[9]

The four allies traveled to the engineering deck, where they found the ship's engineering officer Salen and his crew trapped behind a force-field. The lockdown had also sealed off that section, and there was no way to bypass the lockdown and restore access to the bridge. Asara impatiently suggested venting the engineering compartment to override the protocols, but the group refused to kill off the crew just to save the ship. The Knight and the others instead followed the advice of Crewman Vepp, resetting three power regulators to restart the security system and restoring access to the bridge.


The group then fought their way from engineering to the bridge, pushing through the Mandalorian forces that were holding the hangar bays. Upon reaching the bridge, they found Ironfist holding the command crew captive. The Mandalorian congratulated them on making it as far as they did, but died in the resulting firefight when he commanded his forces to attack. Narlock and Asara arrived not long after the fight ended, and Asara proposed a way that the Esseles could escape: a small group could slip aboard the Emperor's Glory and disable the ship's tractor beam. The Knight and the other three volunteered, and Haken suggested that Asara herself go along too. Haken pulled the four aside after Asara departed for the hangar and attempted to convince them that the only way the Esseles would get away safely was to leave the ambassador on the Imperial ship. However, the group refused to abandon Asara, regardless of her disregard for the engineering crew's safety.[9]

"At last—a real, live Jedi. How I've looked forward to this. A true Sith cannot go long without a challenge."

The two Jedi, the smuggler, and the trooper, along with Asara and several members of the security team, took a shuttle over to the Glory and landed in their hangar. Leaving the security team to guard the ambassador, the four fought their way through the Imperial warship to the tractor beam generator. Along the way, they were continually threatened by Moff Kilran, who finally released an experimental ISS-7 Guardian combat droid to defend the tractor beam. Despite Kilran's best attempts, however, the group was still able fight their way through Kilran's defenses, deactivate the tractor beam, and return to their shuttle safely. But while they attempted to deactivate the force-field sealing the hangar, the Sith Acolyte Vokk arrived and killed the security team. In an attempt to quickly get inside, one of the four smashed the console to deactivate the field. Vokk proceeded to choke Asara with the Force, but threw the Twi'lek aside when he noticed the new arrivals.[9]


The acolyte was eager to test himself against the two Jedi and their companions, but despite his power, Vokk was unable to defeat the four. Upon defeating Vokk, the group and Asara fled on their shuttle back to the Esseles. Thanks to the group's disabling of the tractor beam, the curiser was able to pull away from the Glory and leap to hyperspace. The group had informed Asara of Haken's desire to leave her with Kilran, and she thanked them for their honesty and their help. The Esseles was able to continue to Coruscant safely, where the four went their separate ways.[9]

The Planet Prison

"Tarnis will use the Planet Prison against Coruscant. He could trap us here forever. Paralyze the Republic be holding us hostage. You're our only hope of stopping that."
―General Var Suthra[src]

Upon reaching the capital, the Knight and T7 registered their arrival at a customs station. When T7 remarked on how much Coruscant had changed, the droid told the Knight about the Sith's Sacking of Coruscant and the death of T7's previous master, Jedi Master Ven Zallow. The pair then reported to Conference Room 2-Aurek in the Senate Tower, where Master Orgus, Master Kiwiiks, and Kira Carsen were speaking with the Mon Calamari General Var Suthra.[10]

Orgus introduced his former apprentice to the general and the human Doctor Eli Tarnis, who was arguing with the two Jedi Masters about his invention, the Planet Prison. Tarnis explained to the new arrivals about the superweapon, which ionized a planet's atmosphere, disabling any ships that tried to leave and safely blockading the planet without loss of life. He believed that it was one of the most humane weapons ever created, and was annoyed that the Jedi were objecting to it and the fact that they had not been told of its creation. But Kiwiiks had a more pressing objection—the design files had been stolen, and Tarnis was seemingly unconcerned about the security risks. Tarnis brushed off her protest, stating that the files were too encrypted for anyone to understand, but Var Suthra informed the Jedi that his agents were searching tirelessly for the files.[10]

While Din, Kiwiiks, and Suthra met with Supreme Chancellor Janarus aboard the Chancellor's cruiser Founder, Din ordered his former apprentice to aid the Republic agents in recovering the files. Kiwiiks also left her Padawan with the Knight and Tarnis, suggesting that Carsen's security expertise might be useful. As the Masters were departing, Agent Galen of the Republic Strategic Information Service rushed in to report a lead on the search. The agent informed the two young Jedi and the scientist that they had identified one of the thieves from a security recording as the Rodian slicer Vistis Garn. Garn was known to work for the Migrant Merchants' Guild, a criminal organization that controlled the Old Galactic Market, and he had just been seen raiding a Republic military warehouse for high-tech weapons. While Carsen worked with Galen to distract the gangsters with the Coruscant security network, the Knight and T7 took a taxi to the Old Galactic Market to find the thief and recover the files.[10]


Heading to the Market, the Knight and T7 found Garn deep within Guild territory. After recovering the stolen munitions, rockets, and weapons from a Guild warehouse, the pair cornered Garn in a section of the warehouse. Despite the smuggler's use of turrets against them, the Knight defeated Garn and demanded the data files. Garn complied, but also told the Jedi that he had already sent on a decrypted copy to his employers in the Black Sun criminal syndicate. The Jedi then contacted Agent Galen, who told the Knight to come back to the Senate Tower immediately—they had a problem. The Knight decided to spare the thief, allowing Garn to flee from both the Republic and the employers he had betrayed.[11]

When T7 and the Jedi returned to Galen, the agent revealed the problem: Tarnis had been kidnapped right under their noses while the Knight was recovering the data files. Kira Carsen had led a security team to the spaceport to stop the kidnappers, and Galen sent the Knight to aid them.Upon arriving at Docking Bay 84, the Jedi found Carsen and her team locked in a stalemate with the Black Sun kidnappers. Carsen then proposed a plan: she would use a stealth field generator that she had "borrowed" from Galen's office to sneak past the kidnappers, while the Knight and T7 cleared a path through the criminals. Breaking through Black Sun's lines, the Knight searched the hangar, but found no sign of Tarnis—after defeating Zeer, the leader of the kidnappers, Carsen tricked the criminal into revealing that the whole operation had been a farce. Tarnis had been smuggled away to Black Sun Territory while Zeer and his men distracted the security team.[12]


Returning to the Senate Tower, the Knight found that General Suthra, Din, and Kiwiiks had returned from their meeting with the Supreme Chancellor, and Suthra was both furious and worried. The SIS analyst had decrypted the stolen files and learned that they contained information on not only the Planet Prison, but every Republic superweapon project in existence. Din and Kiwiiks agreed to go secure two of the three weapons facilities, while Galen would handle the third, and the two Masters departed Coruscant. Before leaving, Galen placed all of his resources at the Knight's disposal, and told the Jedi and T7 telling them to contact Sergeant Nidaljo of the Coruscant Security Force, leader of the CSF's Special Tactical Unit. Nidaljo and his men had been in Black Sun Territory for months, and would be a great advantage in the Jedi's rescue mission. However, when the duo fought their way through the gang-controlled region and finally found Nidaljo's team, they discovered the CSF under assault by Black Sun members with advanced armor and weaponry. After defeating the attackers and securing the CSF barricade, the Jedi met with Nidaljo and learned the full story. The unit had been in the process of securing a perimeter around the syndicate's headquarters, but they had lost four men and over a half a dozen were wounded, and they were surrounded by hostile Black Sun forces. Nidaljo had given up hope, but the Knight was able to inspire the sergeant and his men to finish their job—to help the Jedi and rescue the doctor.[13]

The Knight and T7 then knocked out the security network for the gang's headquarters and stormed the front entrance, while the CSF team assaulted the back entrance. T7 and the Jedi reached the command center first, where they found Salarr—the leader of Black Sun—talking with Tarnis via holocomm. Salarr was raging against the doctor for not helping them stop the Knight, revealing that the entire kidnapping plot had been a sham. Tarnis was in fact a Sith Lord, manipulating both the Republic and Black Sun to his own ends, and he had hired Garn to steal the files, and also had Black Sun stage his "kidnapping" so that he could escape the Senate Tower without suspicion. Before terminating the call, Tarnis informed the Jedi that Coruscant was doomed and ordered Salarr to kill the Jedi.Nidaljo and his men arrived at that moment, stopping one of Salarr's men who was about to shoot the Jedi in the back. The CSF and the Knight defeated Salarr in the fight that followed.[13]

File:VAr Suthra pic.jpg

Carsen then contacted the Knight via holocommm, informing the Jedi that the SIS had intercepted Tarnis' transmission. The engineering team for the Planet Prison had disappeared, and the prototype in the lab was a fake—Tarnis had the real weapon. The Knight ordered Carsen to trace Tarnis' transmission, and returned to the Senate Tower while Nidaljo and his men pulled out of the area.[13]

Meeting with Var Suthra, Galen, and Carsen, the Knight learned that the SIS and Carsen had traced Tarnis' location to a military vault in the Justicars' Sector. Carsen accompanied the Knight into the area, which was controlled by the militant vigilante group known as the Justicars' Brigade, and the pair fought their way through into the group's main detention facility, where the signal had originated. There, they discovered the dead bodies of the engineering team, and found only person still alive: a technician named Jonkan who told the two Jedi what had happened. Tarnis had tricked the members of the project, telling them that the Jedi were going to shut it down and asking them to steal the prototype for him. However, when the engineering team arrived with the weapon, Tarnis killed them all. Before he died, Jonkan told the Knight that the Planet Prison needed time to charge up, and it generated an enormous amount of heat while doing so. Thanks to the technician's help, Carsen and the Knight were able to track Tarnis' location to the ruins of the old Jedi Temple.[14]

File:Tarnis Feathers.png
"You return to me as a hero of the Empire, my son. Our victory is complete."
"I wouldn't count on that."
Darth Angral interrupted by the Jedi Knight[src]

The duo raced to the Temple through The Works, the industrial sector of the planet, and were forced to fight their way through Imperial forces who were searching the ruins for a navigation computer. The Knight and Padawan found Tarnis deep within the Temple in the old Council Chamber, where the traitor had set up the Planet Prison's main control systems. Tarnis was in the middle of a holocomm conversation with four other Sith Lords, informing them that the Planet Prison was almost ready to fire. The oldest of the four, a human male named Darth Angral, congratulated Tarnis and called him "son". However, the Knight and Carsen interrupted the conversation at this point, causing Lord Sadic—one of Angral's apprentices, just like the other two figures in the hologram—to chide Tarnis about loose ends. and that the Planet Prison was minutes away from firing. The two Jedi and the Sith dueled in front of the holocomm, and Angral was forced to watch as the Knight struck down his son before his very eyes. Declaring undying hatred for the young Jedi, Angral promised to unleash untold devastation upon the galaxy to gain retribution. Angral's apprentice Lord Praven promised to kill the Knight personally, while the Sith's third apprentice Lord Nefarid gloated that they already controlled the Republic's superweapon projects. His fury building, Angral gave the Knight a warning to deliver to the Jedi Council before terminating the communication: he had returned, and—unlike the Sacking of Coruscant—there would be no mercy this time.[15]

File:Kira Carsen TOR.jpg

Luckily, however, the Planet Prison had not yet completed its startup sequence, and the two Jedi were able to disable and destroy the weapon. But when they returned to the Senate Tower and spoke with Grand Master Shan via holocomm and General Suthra, the Knight and Carsen learned that Tarnis had sent the stolen superweapon files to his father before his death. Angral had declared war on the Jedi—the Knight in particular—in transmissions across all Republic channels, and since neither Din, Kiwiiks, or Galen had reported in, Var Suthra feared that the Republic's weapon projects were in danger. The Empire had declared that Angral was no longer under their protection and that his actions were unsanctioned, but the Mon Cal strongly doubted that the Empire disapproved. Suthra asked the Jedi to go to Ord Mantell, where his agents had discovered one of Angral's bases, and gave the Knight a Defender-class light corvette as their own personal ship. At Master Shan's The Knight also took Kira Carsen on as an official Padawan, assuming the role of Carsen's teacher while Master Kiwiiks departed with Master Din to investigate the Republic weapons projects.[15]

Strike of the Desolator


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Ord Mantell

After arriving on the Ord Mantell Orbital Station, the Jedi was ordered by Var Suthra to take T7 and contact Agent Ottau. T7 was needed to slice into Angral's systems, so the Knight asked Carsen to watch the ship and prevent any scavengers from damaging it.[16]

Once on the surface of Ord Mantell, the Jedi made contact with Agent Ottau in the Republic's Fort Garnik. Ottau directed the pair to a secret island facility that Ottau had learned was one of Angral's bases. The Knight infiltrated the base with the help of T7, and the two defeated the base's defenders and its commander, Lieutenant Marcovic. From the facility's databanks, T7 recovered information on a project called the "Desolator". According to the files, Angral appeared to be combining technology from the Republic weapons projects into a single superweapon. The Jedi and T7 returned to Ottau, who immediately began to gather a team to capture the base for the Republic permanently.[16]

When the Knight returned to the space station to return to their ship, they encountered Inquisitor Ferav, who had captured Carsen. The Padawan's presence aboard the station had been noticed by Angral's agents, and Angral himself had arrived with Ferav to interrogate her. She was able to convince the Sith that the Knight was on Corellia, but Ferav remained behind when Angral departed. The Inquisitor threatened to kill Carsen if the Knight did not surrender, but she revealed that the Sith was bluffing—Angral wanted to kill the Knight himself, and he had ordered Ferav not to kill Carsen. The Jedi was able to free their Padawan, but Ferav and his accompanying Sith Acolytes and Imperial commandos were killed in the fight.[16]

When the trio boarded their ship, the team contacted General Suthra to report their success. In the time since the Knight and T7 had left the Imperial base, Suthra's analysts had examined the data that T7 had sent them, and determined several locations that were likely targets of Angral. The "Desolator" files had revealed that Angral had sent agents to Taris, Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine, and Alderaan, which were all sites of vital importance to the Republic's weapons projects.[16]


The Architect of Annihilation

The Knight traveled to the ruined world of Taris, which had been a thriving city-planet until Darth Malak destroyed it over 300 years ago in an attempt to the Jedi Knight Bastila Shan.[17] Over the last three centuries, the wreckage of the city had become overgrown, and the world was now a tangle of jungle and metal, haunted by strange beasts and the vicious rakghouls. Recently, the Republic had started a resettlement initiative supported by the Republic Military, and the planet was slowly rebuilding under the leadership of the Twi'lek Governor Saresh.[18]

File:Nasan Godera.jpg

The Knight's mission on Taris was to find Doctor Nasan Godera, the genius Republic weapons designer who had left the Republic in disgust after the Treaty of Coruscant. Godera hated the Empire passionately, and had retreated to a series of secret facilities on Taris manned only by droids of his own creation. Unfortunately, Imperial Intelligence had also been sent to the planet by Darth Angral to recover Godera for the Empire.[19]

When the Knight investigated one of Doctor Godera's bases, they found it overrun with Imperial troops. The Knight fought their way through the infiltrators, finally finding a hologram of the Imperial agent Watcher One. Watcher One attempted to unnerve the Jedi with his knowledge of the Knight's exploits on Tython, and informed them that he could not allow them to find Godera first. Watcher One's forces then attempted to ambush the Jedi, but the Knight was able to defeat the attackers.[19]


The Knight was then greeted by RE-M0, one of Godera's droids. RE-M0 revealed that he had been instructed to spy on the Imperials, and he had witnessed Watcher One using the facility's computers to track Godera's biosignature. However, the agent had disabled the computers after doing so, in an attempt to prevent the Knight from following. RE-M0 then suggested that the Jedi reset several of the exterior tracking relays while he repaired the computers, which would allow them to locate the doctor.[20]

Despite the heavy pirate presence in the area, the Knight was able to reset the relays. RE-M0 then tracked Godera to an abandoned factory near Lake Brell to the south, and since the droid was not suited for combat the Knight told the droid to remain where he was. Upon arriving, the Jedi encountered a Rodian named Vulaa and his injured friend. Vulaa claimed that he and his companion had been Godera's assistants, and they had escaped when the Empire had attacked. The Knight told the pair to hide, while the Jedi stormed the Imperial base within.[20]

There, the Knight found Godera lying dead at the feet of Watcher One—but RE-M0 raced into the room and warned the Jedi that it wasn't Godera. RE-M0 had run a second scan, and detected that Godera had already left the facility. "Watcher One" shot RE-M0 before the droid could continue and decloaked, revealing himself and his companions to be an Imperial Shadow Commando team. After the Knight and their companion defeated the ambushers, Watcher One contacted the Jedi via holocomm and offered to make a deal with the pair: the Knight would give Watcher One time to interrogate Godera in return for the location of a Republic colony that was about to be attacked by a Sith assassin.[20]

File:Rora Seake.png
"Then you should not have come back to a world that is not yours. Taris belongs to the Sith Empire — now and forever. Even my beasts understand that."
―Rora Seake[src]

Forced to choose between the lives of the settlers and the mission, the Knight begrudgingly accepted, and raced to the colony's bunker on the shores of Lake Brell. There, the Jedi attempted to warn Yelzrin, the colony's leader, of the impending attack, but it was too late—the assassin arrived before Yelzrin could start evacuating. A Sith Pureblood, Rora Seake kept two massive Jurgorans as pets and used them in combat. Fortunately, the Knight was able to defeat the beasts and then their master, saving the colonists at the cost of allowing Watcher One to acquire Godera's secrets.[21]

File:Watcher One.jpg

The Knight then raced to Watcher One's base in the depths of Transport Station Five, where the Imperial agent had already extracted the information he needed and was in the process of transmitting it to Darth Angral. Angral was furious to learn that Watcher One had compromised with his son's killer, and ordered the operative to take the Jedi alive and bring them before him. However, the Knight defeated Watcher One in the resulting fight. When the agent asked the Knight what was to become of him, the Jedi allowed him to leave in peace and go into hiding—as they both knew that Watcher One would not be taken alive, and the Knight did not believe that the Imperial was truly an enemy. While Watcher One fled the planet, the Knight freed Godera from his restraints. The Jedi escorted the doctor back to the spaceport in Olaris, where the SIS agent Fau-Kes took custody of Godera and escorted him back to Coruscant.[22]


The Power Guard project

On Nar Shaddaa, Var Suthra told the Knight to contact Agent Rieekan at the SIS base in the Promenade.[23] There, Rieekan informed the Jedi that Agent Galen had disappeared a few days earlier in the Nikto Sector while investigating the Power Guard Project. In an attempt to locate the missing agent, Rieekan told the Knight to locate Galen's dead drop reports so they could figure out where Galen had been going.[24]

Piecing together Galen's reports after the Knight recovered them, Rieekan and his analysts discerned the location of the Power Guard Recruitment Center in the Nikto Sector. The Knight raced to the recruitment center, but found it under the control of Imperial shocktroopers. After defeating the Imperials, the Jedi freed Vell Narroc and the captured recruits, and questioned Narroc on the location of Galen. Narroc told the Knight that Galen had been captured with them, but the Imperials had taken the agent away separately to the Power Guard Cybernetics Lab in the Red Light Sector.[24]

When the Knight arrived in the Red Light Sector, Rieekan contacted them and told the Jedi to destroy several power conduits around the sector. This would allow the SIS to sift through the excess power readings in the sector, and locate the lab itself. Upon doing so, however, the Knight found the lab under control of Imperial forces and was forced to fight through them. Contacted by Lord Sadic, the Knight was disgusted by Sadic's callous use of refugees and prisoners as Power Guards. The Jedi was forced to defeat Commander Graul and several Mark I Power Guards, and recovered an encrypted datapad from the Commander's body.[25]

Unable to decrypt the datapad alone, the Knight returned to the Promenade and the SIS base. However, the Jedi found Gudnem's Gadget Emporium—the shop that served as the base's cover—overrun by Mark II Power Guards. The base itself was similarly under Imperial control, and after defeating Sadic's minions the Knight found that Chief Rieekan had not survived the attack. The Knight freed Agents Diyaz and Tander, and was able to convince Diyaz to decrypt the datapad before Tander ordered a complete strategical retreat.[26]


Graul's datapad revealed the location of an Imperial weapons factory in the Lower Industrial Sector, where the Power Guard project had been moved to. The Knight stormed the factory, searching for Sadic, but instead found Agent Galen. Galen had been forcibly transformed into a Power Guard by Sadic, and the Sith forced the agent to attack the Knight by controlling his implants. The Knight defeated Galen, however, and refused to kill the former ally. Furious, Galen fled the facility while fighting Sadic's commands. Before he left, Galen told the Knight that Sadic was holed up in his laboratory in the Imperial prison district of Shadow Town.[27]

Fighting through the Imperial prison guards, the Knight found Agent Galen lying amidst half a dozen Mark III Power Guards. Galen was still alive, and told the Jedi that he had sacrificed himself to aid the Knight. Galen urged the Knight to leave him and go on. Grudgingly, the Jedi left him and continued into the lab. Inside, the Knight found Sadic—cybernetically augmented through the Power Guard Project—flanked by several Mark III Power Guards. Horrified at Sadic's willingness to sacrifice his humanity for greater power, the Knight asked Sadic to surrender. Sadic refused and attacked, forcing the Jedi to kill the Sith.[27]

As the Jedi was about to leave, Agents Tander and Diyaz arrived with several commandos from the Republic's Black Star Squad to secure the lab. Tander wanted to recover the project's data, but the Knight insisted the commandos destroy all of the project's files. Returning to the spaceport, the Jedi contacted General Var Suthra and reported the mission's success.[27]

Sometime during the Knight's travels on Nar Shaddaa, Carsen was contacted by several of her friends from her time on the moon. Before becoming a Jedi, Carsen had lived on Nar Shaddaa for eight years with a group of refugees in the Lower Industrial Sector. The group contacted her and asked for medpacs and other supplies to help them survive. Before Carsen had left the moon, she had confronted a gang known as the Ur'Kossags who had been terrorizing the group. The meeting had gone sour, and she had ended up being forced to kill several members of the gang. Though Carsen did not realize it, her actions gave her friends a bad reputation, and the group had suffered for it. Her Evocii friend Enaq thanked Carsen for the aid, but Darshyn was furious that she had returned. Carsen was surprised to learn of the consequences of her actions, but remained confident that she had done the right thing.[28]

Carsen's Secret

Upon returning to the ship, the pair and T7 were contacted by General Var Suthra. He informed the group that Admiral Hacklin, one of Darth Angral's advisors, had contacted the Republic. Hacklin, who had been with Angral and Ferav aboard the Ord Mantell Orbital Station when Carsen had been interrogated, wanted to defect from the Empire, and was asking to meet the Knight at an abandoned Czerka mining facility in the Unknown Regions. Suspicious of the admiral's motives, the Knight nevertheless agreed to the meeting and traveled to the facility.[29]

Upon arriving at the facility, Carsen and the Knight disembarked their ship and entered the hangar in which the admiral had docked. But instead of the admiral, the pair found a sandy-haired young man standing next to the ship. The man greeted the two and apologized for deceiving them about Hacklin. The admiral was still very loyal to Angral, and he had simply used the admiral's name to gain a meeting. Carsen began to panic when she recognized the man, who introduced himself as Valis, and urged her master to attack him.[29]


Valis revealed that Carsen—like himself—was a Child of the Emperor, and that the Emperor had sent Valis to bring his "daughter" home. The Knight refused to allow Valis to take her, however, and master and apprentice were forced to fight the Child. Valis was powerful in the Force, but was no match for the Knight and Padawan together.[29]

Returning to their ship, Carsen revealed the truth of her past to the Knight and T7. She had been born to parents in Sith Space,and had been taken to the Sith Academy on Korriban as a child. While there, she noticed that many children would disappear for days or weeks at a time, and they would remember nothing of the time that they had been gone. When Carsen herself realized that she couldn't remember the last few weeks, she panicked and fled Korriban, sneaking aboard a departing freighter. She ended up on Nar Shaddaa, and would live with Enaq and the other aliens until she tried to steal Master Kiwiik's hyperdrive. Even after becoming a Jedi, she told no one of her past until now.[29]

Contacting General Suthra, the Knight informed the Mon Calamari of Valis' trap and Carsen's past. Suthra believed that Carsen was a security risk, but the Knight vouched for her and refused to accept that she would betray the Order. Her master then convinced Carsen to come to Tython and tell her story to the Council, telling her that she had earned the Knight's trust. When they spoke with the Council, Master Jaric Kaedan said that they should exile her from the Order, but the Knight vouched for her trustworthiness and her allegiance to the Jedi. Grand Master Shan accepted the Knight's judgement and ruled that Carsen would remain a Jedi.[29]

The Shock Drum


The Knight then spoke with General Suthra again, and learned disturbing news: Masters Kiwiiks and Din had disappeared on Tatooine and Alderaan in search of other Republic weapons projects. As Carsen was unable to sense her former master in the Force, the Knight and crew immediately went to the desert world of Tatooine to investigate.[30]

When the team landed in the city of Anchorhead, Suthra gave them the location of the Republic weapons facility on the planet, where a team of scientists had been develeping a superweapon called the Shock Drum. The Knight and company traveled through the Jundland Wastes to the facility in the Jundland mountains, where they found the base under attack by the native Tusken Raiders. Fighting through the Tusken Raiders, the Knight found a family of native Jawas locked inside one of the base's rooms with a human scientist. The scientist, a seismologist named Hare'en, was the only survivor of the Tusken Raider attack along with the Jawa Brrik and his family.[30]

Thanking their rescuer, Hare'en and Brikk recounted their tale: a powerful Sith had stormed the facility, destroyed their guard droids, stolen the Shock Drum and taken Master Kiwiiks hostage. According to Hare'en, the Sith had seemed offended at the thought of killing the scientists, and had only destroyed the guard droids when attacked. But without the guard droids, the facility was later attacked by Tusken Raiders who killed the rest of the scientists. Learning that the Knight was searching for the Shock Drum, she revealed its purpose: the weapon generated incredibly powerful seismic vibrations that could destabilize a planet's core over a certain amount of time, causing the planet to tear itself apart. She suggested that the Knight repair several generator nodes to restore the facility's power, which would allow Hare'en to track the weapon's sound waves and locate it.[30]

Braving the Tusken Raiders who were still wandering the area, the Jedi managed to repair the nodes and restore the facility's power.[30] When the Knight returned to Hare'en, she informed the Jedi that she needed sensor reading from around the area to pinpoint the device. The Knight placed several sensors at the Bak'arap Farmstead, the Northern Windfarm, and the Northern Jundland Plateau, and contacted Hare'en via holocomm. She reported that the Shock Drum had been moved to an abandoned mining complex in the Dune Sea region, but it was now in the lair of a legendary native insectoid creature known as the Sand Demon. After she gave the Knight the coordinates, the transmission was interrupted by another.[31]

"My master seeks retribution for his son's death. I must give it to him."
―Lord Praven[src]

The figure that had contacted the Jedi was the Sith Lord Hare'en had seen earlier. The Sith Pureblood introduced himself as Lord Praven, one of Angral's apprentices and Tarnis' master. Informing the Jedi that he had the only electro-transmitter capable of disabling the now-active Shock Drum and saving Master Kiwiiks, Praven challenged the Knight to a duel for the device. Traveling through the Northern Jundland Chasm, the Knight met Praven at the Esus Mesa high in the Jundland Mountains. Speaking with the Sith, the Knight learned of Praven's emphasis on loyalty and honor, and realized that he was deeply conflicted about his actions and those of his master. The Jedi attempted to convince the Sith to leave the Sith and embrace the light side, but Praven refused, and they were forced to duel.[32]

The Knight successfully defeated Praven in combat, but refused to kill him. Praven then informed his enemy that his honor demanded that Praven surrender to Angral, so that Angral would spare him further humility. Sensing the noble spirit within the Sith, the Jedi spoke to Praven and showed him that his values were those of a Jedi. Despite Praven's belief that the Jedi would never accept him, the Knight's words changed Praven's mind and opened him to the light side. Abandoning the dark side, Praven gave the Knight the electro-transmitter and traveled to the nearest spaceport, where he turned himself over to the Jedi Order for training.[32]

File:Sand Demon.jpg

Hare'en then contacted the Knight, revealing that Brrik and his family had gone to the facility to aid the Jedi, but they were trapped with the Sand Demon. The Knight then raced to the Dune Sea, where the Jedi found Brrik and his terrified family within the mining complex. Ordering them to stay put, the Knight fought and killed the Sand Demon and its spawn in the next chamber, despite the continuous seismic tremors originating from the nearby Shock Drum. The Knight and Carsen then found Master Kiwiiks lying unconscious in front of the Shock Drum, which the pair deactivated with the electro-transmitter. Kiwiiks thanked her former Padawan and the Knight, and approved of their decision to bury the Shock Drum with explosives. Brrik and his family escorted the weakened Jedi Master to Outpost Thorazan, where she was taken to a medcenter.[33]

The Death Mark


The Knight landed on Alderaan at the Pallista Spaceport near the estate of House Organa. Var Suthra told the Jedi to contact Count Alde, who had co-funded the Death Mark project with the Republic, in Organa Palace. Doctor Godera and the general also explained the Death Mark to their ally: it was a orbital platform that could fire incredibly accurate energy strikes at targets on the planet's surface, and targets were marked with a microscopic tag that allowed the system to track them anywhere on the planet. However, the targeting device was extremely close-range—it could only mark targets at a maximum range of about twenty meters. When the Knight asked why the Republic was creating a weapon of assassination and terror, Suthra revealed that the project was meant to end the planet's civil war quickly and with minimal bloodshed, as enemy leaders could be eliminated from afar.[34]

When the Jedi found Count Alde in the Alde embassy, the Count was meeting with a Mirialan female named Aleyna Hark. Hark told the Knight her tale: she had been working on the Death Mark project when the base's security had been overrun by Sith forces led by a small man. However, a Jedi had arrived and pushed back the invaders, forcing the Sith to summon the native Killiks as reinforcements. The Jedi tried to hold them off, but he was stabbed in the back by the short Sith. Aleyna claimed that she had managed to escape, but suddenly a small red light appeared on the back of the Count's neck.

The Knight jumped toward the Count, but was too late—the Death Mark fired, killing the noble instantly and throwing back the Jedi and Hark. The guards rushed in after hearing the commotion, and Guard Captain Yils attempted to arrest Hark, the Knight, and the Knight's companion when he found the Count dead on the floor. Hark offered herself in the Knight's place, asking the captain to let the Jedi complete their mission, and was taken away by the guards.[34]

"The giant Killik leading these others. You didn't see it?"
"Master, we didn't see anything like that."
"If that thing eats us, you're fired."
―Orgus Din and his former Padawan, as Killiks and their Praetor break into the chamber[src]

Journeying to the Alsakan Lowlands, the Knight cleared a path through the Killiks that had overrun the Mensaav Laboratory and entered the section that housed the Death Mark project. Finding a sealed door at the end of the complex, the Knight attempted to force it upon—only to quickly block a lightsaber strike from the Jedi's master himself. Din had survived the Killik attack, trapping himself in the sealed chamber with Doctor Parvux, the only scientist that he was able to save. Din and Parvux revealed that Hark was in fact an Imperial spy— she had led the Sith to the lab, and she was marking people in Organa Palace with the targeting device. But when Din congratulated his student on defeating the Killik's giant leader, the Knight informed him that they hadn't seen anything like that. Suddenly, the chamber began to rumble, and the side wall blew in as Killiks began to pour through the breach. Despite the enemy's greater numbers, Din and the Knight defeated the ambushing Killiks and their massive Praetor.[35]

Doctor Parvux then suggested shutting down three of the Death Mark's generators to disable the laser temporarily. Din escorted the doctor to safety at nearby Wardpost Duvaal while the Knight braved the Killik-infested laboratory grounds and disabled the generators. But while the Knight was doing so, Nefarid contacted the Jedi and informed them that he had set up another power station beyond their reach.[35]

The Knight then returned to Wardpost Duvaal, where Din and the Jedi contacted Wynne Organa. Organa informed them that Aleyna had never made it to her cell, and she had been missing for hours. However, she had been spotted recently entering a compound of House Thul in the Juran Mountains. House Thul was an ally of the Empire, but their duke Horis Thul supported the peace talks proposed by Duke Charle Organa, and the peace process would fall apart if Thul was killed by a Republic superweapon. Orgus told his student to pursue Aleyna, while he searched for Nefarid's hiding place. Despite the Knight's objections, the two departed on their separate missions.[35]

The Knight raced to the Thul compound and found Aleyna and the Duke deep in the facility's bunker. Claiming the Jedi had come to kill Thul and sabotage the alliance she was negotiating, Hark ordered the Duke's guards to attack. However, the Knight defeated Hark and the guards and was able to convince the Duke of her treachery. When the Duke and the Jedi demanded the targeting device, Hark spitefully destroyed it and revealed that she had marked them too. Thul chose that moment to punch Hark in the jaw, knocking the Mirialan out cold. He then revealed that he had been tracking Nefarid, in case the Sith betrayed House Thul, and gave the Jedi Nefarid's location. Before he fled for the spaceport, the Duke demanded that Aleyna die, but the Knight convinced the Duke to arrest her and put her on trial instead.[36]

Master Din contacted the Knight as they were leaving and revealed that he had been lying earlier: instead of tracking Nefarid, he had been tracking Angral. Din had detected Angral's ship at the edge of the Alderaan system, and he was sneaking aboard to eliminate the Sith. The Jedi then stormed Nefarid's base in the Glarus Valley, eliminating the Imperial troops within. Finding an empty chamber, the Knight was startled to hear Nefarid's voice echoing around the room. The Sith continued to taunt the Jedi from the shadows as the Knight approached a communications console, and showed them a live transmission of Angral killing Orgus Din aboard the Sith's ship. Nefarid then attacked the Jedi, using the Death Mark as a weapon during their duel. However, the Knight and their companion managed to defeat the Sith, and used the Death Mark's targeting computer to destroy the computer itself, rendering the satellite useless.[37]

The Devastation of Uphrades

"All that life extinguished... It's unthinkable."
―Kira Carsen[src]

Returning to their ship, the group contacted General Suthra and reported the destruction of the Death Mark. Unfortunately, they learned that the SIS had tracked Angral's ship the Oppressor was on his way to Uphrades, an agriworld in the Core that supplied much of Coruscant's food supplies. The Knight and company raced to Uphrades, but it was too late—the planet had been annihilated. Angral had combined the technology from the Planet Prison, Shock Drum, and Death Mark into a single weapon: the Desolator.[38]

Stunned by Angral's callous destruction of the world, the Knight was surprised when Carsen reported an incoming transmission. When she put it through, the trio learned that a Republic medical frigate called the Daybreaker had survived but was under attack by an Imperial boarding party. The Knight and Carsen boarded the ship and aided the crew in defeating the Imperials, making their way to the bridge. There, the Knight spoke with Captain Dal and Doctor Senessa, who told the Jedi how Angral had arrived in the system with no warning and fired his superweapon, destroying the planet instantly. The Daybreaker had been damaged by the debris, but was still flyable. However, Doctor Senessa detected lifeforms on the planet, meaning there were survivors—but without supplies and help, they would die. Dal argued that if the Daybreaker landed on the planet, the ion field that had been generated by the Planet Prison component of the Desolator would destroy the ship's engines and trap them there. He attempted to convince the Knight to let them go by bribing the Jedi with the frigate's medical supplies, but the Knight instead informed Senessa of Dal's treachery. Dal left in disgust via an escape pod, while Senessa prepared to navigate the debris field and land on what was left of Uphrades' surface.[38]

"General, doctor... my team's moving out. We'll save Tython, or die trying."
"Don't even think that. I expect us all to reach a ripe old age.
―The Knight and General Suthra[src]

When the Knight and Carsen returned to their ship, General Suthra and Doctor Godera contacted them with even more alarming news—the Oppressor was heading straight for Tython. While T7 set a course for Tython, Godera spoke to the Knight. By analyzing the sensor logs sent to him by the Jedi and the Daybreaker, Godera had determined a weakness in the Desolator. The weapon required an immense amount of power, which had forced Angral to install extra reactors aboard his cruiser, and it needed time to charge just like the Planet Prison. If the Knight could knock out the reactors before the Desolator could charge, the weapon would be disabled.[39]

Showdown on the Oppressor

Main article: Duel aboard the Oppressor

Arriving at Tython, the Knight and companions found Angral's ship in orbit with several other Imperial cruisers. The Order was attempting to push back the enemy, but the Oppressor had not taken any serious damage. The trio landed their Defender aboard Angral's warship, and T7 remained behind to disable the ship's security while Carsen and her master took out the reactors. Fighting their way through Imperial troopers, war droids, and Mark V Power Guards, the pair succeeded in deactivating the three reactors before the Desolator could charge completely.[39]

Template:Dialogue The two then stormed the bridge of the Oppressor, where they found Angral waiting for them. But before the Knight and Carsen could attack the Sith, the Padawan froze. The Emperor reached and possessed her, ordering Angral to kill the Knight. Ignoring Angral's attempts to draw her to the dark side, Carsen informed her master that she could feel the Emperor in her mind—she couldn't hold him for long.[39]

Urging Carsen to hold firm, the Knight joined her in a duel with Angral. The three battled across the bridge, fighting fiercely, but ultimately Angral was no match for the combined strength of master and apprentice. Wounded, Angral fell to the deck of the ship as his lightsaber rolled away from him. But when the Knight turned away from Angral, the injured Sith reached for his lightsaber and Carsen shouted a warning. TThe Knight turned and began to advance upon Angral, but before the Jedi could do anything, Carsen became enveloped in the Emperor's presence with a rush of dark side energy. The Sith's possession of her was so strong that her body was actually covered in shimmering Force energy, and when he spoke it was the Emperor's own voice that issued from her mouth.[39]

File:Kira Possessed.jpg
"I see futures in you. Futures I will not allow. Your future ends here."
―The Sith Emperor[src]

The Emperor unleashed a barrage of Force lightning from Carsen's fingertips at the Knight, drawing the Jedi away from Angral—who collapsed at the effort of reaching for his weapon. Carsen summoned Angral's weapon to her and attacked the Knight, throwing her master back with a massive Force push and leaping back to the center of the bridge. Informing the Sith that Angral was dead, the Knight demanded that the Emperor release the Jedi's Padawan. The Emperor casually refused, telling the Knight that he had seen the Jedi's future—and that he would not permit the Knight to bring about those futures. The Sith then proceeded to use Carsen as a puppet in a duel against her master, battling back and forth across the bridge. But the Emperor underestimated his ability to possess Carsen, as the Knight managed to defeat her, and instead attempted to use Carsen to destroy the entire ship—taking Carsen and the Knight with it.[39]

But at that moment, Carsen's resistance brought her back to the surface, and she defiantly told her "father" that she would not kill for him. The Knight encouraged Carsen to fight back, telling her to trust herself and the light side. With a furious blast of light, Kira shouted that she was a Jedi and broke free of the Emperor's control, purging the Sith from her mind permanently. But before they could celebrate their victory, explosions began to wrack the Oppressor—the Emperor's attempt to kill the Knight and Carsen's breaking of his control had damaged the ship severely. The pair raced back to their ship through the disintegrating warship, and barely made it away before the ship exploded.[39]

Return to Tython

"We've lost one of our noblest masters, but in his place stands a Jedi without equal."
―Grand Master Satele Shan, commending the Knight[src]

Back on their ship, the two Jedi and T7 were contacted by Grand Master Shan. Relieved that they had survived, she asked them to come to Tython's surface and meet with the Council in the Temple. In the Council chamber, Master Shan thanked the Knight and Carsen for their heroic efforts, and commended them for their bravery. Shan bestowed the title of "Hero of Tython" upon the Knight, remarking how proud Master Din would be if he was still alive. She also promoted Carsen to a full Jedi Knight, with the blessings of both the Knight and Master Kiwiiks, and informed Carsen that she had never lost faith in the Padawan. Master Jaric Kaedan was alarmed to hear the Knight mention the Emperor, but Carsen and her master assured the Council that the Emperor no longer held any sway over her.[39]

Suthra then informed the Council that despite Angral's defeat, conflict was beginning to break out again throughout the galaxy. Angral's actions had strained the relations between the Empire and the Republic, and the political tension was starting to become open war once more. The conflict with Angral, along with the actions of several other individuals on both sides, had turned the Cold War warm—the Second Great Galactic War had begun.[39]

Search for the Emperor

"The Force is with you—now and always."
―Master Orgus Din's Force ghost to his former student[src]

Following the defeat of Darth Angral, the Knight and crew rested on their ship for a short time. Their repose was interrupted, however, when the Knight received a visit from Master Orgus' Force ghost. Din's spirit instructed his former student to travel to Tatooine, where a ship had crashed in the desert. He also warned the Knight that the Emperor was growing in power, and that he must be stopped at any cost.[40]

Informing Carsen and T7 of Din's message, the Knight traveled to Tatooine and followed the call of the Force into the eastern Jundland Wastes. There, the Knight and crew found a crashed Jedi ship under attack by Sith Marauders. After defeating the Sith, the Knight found a Zabrak Jedi named Jomar Chul meditating amidst the ruins of his ship. Recognizing the Knight as the Hero of Tython, Chul thanked the Hero for the help and contacted the Kel Dor Jedi Master Tol Braga. He reported his crash and injury to Braga, who ordered Chul to give the Hero the sensor logs which Chul was supposed to deliver and to wait for a medical shuttle.[40]

The Hero took the logs to Tython, where Master Braga asked the Knight to join a strike team that he was forming. Braga and several other Jedi had discovered that the Emperor maintained a space fortress above the Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas, and that he spent much of his time aboard the station. The Kel Dor planned to assemble a [[Jedi strike team However, the station was hidden by a powerful cloaking device. Braga asked the Hero to go to Balmorra, where one of the other members of the team—Warren Sedoru—was trying to acquire a prototype cloaking device so they could reverse-engineer it and understand how to disable the fortress' cloak.[40]

Lives in the Balance

The Hero and crew traveled to Balmorra, where they docked their ship aboard the Balmorra Orbital Station. They were then contacted by Braga's student Warren Sedoru, who explained that the local resistance. However, Sedoru had received a distress call from a resistance medical facility near Farnel Outpost in Bugtown—a former genetic research facility that had been overrun by the insectoid Colicoids—and asked the Knight to investigate. The Knight and a companion took a shuttle from the station down to the surface and landed at Farnel Outpost, and headed to the medical facility.

The Lost Apprentice


After successfully recovering the schematics as well as acquiring a new ally in Doc Master Braga dispatched them to Quesh to recover Master Braga's Padawan, Sajar. Sajar was formally Darth Sajar, a member of the Dark Council until Braga redeemed him to the light and he became a padawan to Master Braga. Unfortunately, while on mission to Quesh he had suddenly broken contact with Master Braga and Braga was concerned that something had happened.

On Quesh, the Knight succeeded in tracking down Sajar and learned that, while interrogating Imperial prisoners for the Republic he lost his temper and tortured them to death before flinging their corpses at the Imperial army. Realizing that he had returned to his old ways, he withdrew and refused to take up arms against anyone again out of fear of falling to the dark side again. The Knight succeeded in protecting Sajar as his base came under attack from Imperial troops seeking to kill him. While doing so they encountered Lord Scourge, the Emperor's Wrath, for the first time and learned that the Sith Emperor was deeply concerned about them and considered them a grave threat.

The Ruins of Hoth

Sajar subsequently returned to Tython and the Knight was dispatched next to Hoth where he met up with another of Tol Braga's allies, Leeha Narezz. Leeha had learned that amongst the fallen ships on Hoth, one contained an entire schematic of the Emperor's fortress. Here the Knight was joined by a soldier named Fideltin Rusk.

After successfully recovering the data on Hoth they were at last ready to strike at the Emperor. Upon returning to Tython however the Knight found that the Jedi Council was not completely in agreement to Tol Braga's plans. In particular Master Jaric Kaedan and the Jedi, Jomar Chul were deeply worried by the plan. Chul had received a vision of the future in which the Knight had been corrupted by the dark side and become a Sith Lord. Despite these worries, Master Satele Shan agreed to allow the mission.

With Master Shan's support, Tol Braga, Leeha Narezz, Warren Sedoru and the Hero of Tython set off for Dromund Kaas. After successfully boarding the space station, the Knight successfully defeated Lord Scourge and the four Jedi challenged the Emperor. Unfortunately they sorely underestimated the Emperor who dispatched the four Jedi with ease. He then used his powers to corrupt them all to the dark side, twisting their minds and forcing them to bow before him.

The Knight spent many weeks on the Emperor's space station being trained as a Sith to serve the Emperor. Fortunately, the Knight was finally able to free themselves from the Emperor's control with help from the ghost of Orgus Din. Free of the Emperor's control he rescued Kira Carsen and and went to the Hanger bay to try and escape. Fortunately, Lord Scourge betrayed his master and helped the Knight and their friends escape on condition they take him to Tython to talk with the Jedi Council about what he knew of the Emperor's true plans for the galaxy.

The Emperor's War

"The Emperor plans to destroy this galaxy. This Jedi alone has the power to stop him."
―Scourge speaking about the "Hero of Tython" to the Jedi Council[src]

The Knight returned to Tython and brought Scourge before the Jedi Council. The Sith explained to the Councillors that renewed war is merely a diversion to conceal the Emperor's true plan: performing a powerful dark side ritual that would consume all life in the galaxy, making him more powerful than all the Jedi and Sith combined. The shatterpoint of his plan involves Belsavis and advised haste in saving the planet. Masters Kaedan and Kiwiiks were wary of Scourge's intentions, feeling that it's safer to imprison Scourge, the Sith insisted that his knowledge of the Emperor is more useful out in the galaxy. Satele sensed the truth in his words and consented to an alliance, though she did advise the Knight not to be too dependent on Scourge.

The team journeyed to Belsavis, and learned that one of the Emperor's Acolytes, Executor Krannus, was planning to detonate the prison's core to create a shockwave in hyperspace that would consume the entire system and several others. They were able stop Krannus from detonating the charges and successfully defeated him.

The Fallen Jedi

After departing Belsavis, the Knight recieved a message from Jomar regarding Leeha Narez and moved to assist the other Jedi. However, the Knight arrived to find Leeha was still under the emperor's control and Jomar was at her mercy. The Knight was forced to fight his former ally, and emerged victorious. The battle freed Leeha from the emperor's control, and Jomar took her back to Tython.

After stopping the emperor's plans on Voss, the Knight was forced to go to the aid of a republic battleship under attack by Warren Sedoru. Once again, the Knight was able to defeat his former ally.

The Knight than traveled to Corellia, which was under siege by the empire. While the other heroes of the republic dealt with their ultimate foes on the world, the Knight moved to stop Tol Braga from starting the emperor's ritual. Grand Master Satele named the Knight supreme commander of the Jedi on Corellia, which included Bengel Morr and Praven. The Knight finally managed to find Braga and defeated him as well. Braga was than sent back to Tython for treatment.

With the Emperor's efforts to start his ritual thwarted, he was weaker than ever. Knowing this, the Knight, Satele and Scourge decided to attack Dromund Kaas directly.

Duel with the Emperor


The Knight traveled to the Sith's homeworld along with a large Republic fleet. While Satele commanded the space battle, the Knight and Knight's allies landed in Kaas City where they planned to fight the Emperor before he could regain his strength. Eventually, the Knight and T7 confronted the Emperor in his throne room. After a brief exchange of words, the two mortal enemies finally faced off. The Knight finally managed to prevail, and cut the emperor down. But the dark lord was not finished yet; declaring that if he had to die that the knight would go with him, the Emperor used the last of his strength to collapse his stronghold. However, the Knight managed to escape and reunite with the rest of the strike team, which then retreated from the Sith's capital world.

Continued Travels

The Knight and crew were awarded the Cross of Glory for their actions, and Satele promoted the Knight to Jedi Master. But the Emperor's defeat merely set the Empire against itself, which only intensified the war. Satele would later comment that the Sith were now more dangerous than ever, and that the Hero of Tython would be needed in the future.

However, unknown to all but a few, the Emperor was not truly dead. Although the Hero of Tython did defeat him, the Emperor survived by putting his essence in another body. However, the Jedi had weakened the dark lord so much that it would be some time before he could re-emerge again.

Personality and traits

"If you surrender now, your soldiers will have died in vain. Is that what you want? What about the man inside that base waiting to be rescued? You'd abandon him? This is a moment of truth, Sergeant. Do you give up and let evil win, or stand up and fight?"
―The Knight inspires Sergeant Nidaljo to fight[src]

Even as a young apprentice, the Hero of Tython was remarkably persuasive and believed wholeheartedly in the power of redemption. The Knight was not one to hold a grudge, and was willing to forgive enemies and help them onto the right path, such as Ranna Tao'ven. When it was revealed that Tao'ven had betrayed the Hero's master to Bengel Morr, the Jedi realized that she had done so to protect her people, but she was unwilling to allow her villagers to kill the Padawan who had aided them. When Tao'ven asked for forgiveness, the Hero readily granted it and urged the Matriarch to dedicate herself to making things right.

The Knight made frequent use of meditation to center one's emotions and heal, and rarely succumbed to anger or fear. Never panicking, the Hero was often able to calm others and take command. The Hero quickly developed into a natural leader during the early days of the Desolator Crisis, and the Jedi's experience in both combat and negotiations made the Knight the obvious choice to lead the Jedi and Republic forces on Corellia. Able to inspire even the most downtrodden and broken soldiers to follow the Jedi into battle, the Hero earned the loyalty of many individuals during the Knight's travels, and the young Jedi's belief in the redemptive powers of the light side gained powerful allies in Praven and Bengel Morr. The Knight respected honor and loyalty, and was able to use those qualities in Praven and Watcher One to convince the Sith and Imperial that they were not truly enemies.

Powers and abilities

"It's easy to excel when you're trained by the best."
―The Hero of Tython[src]

Even for a Jedi Knight of the time, the Hero of Tython was remarkably skilled in lightsaber combat. As a Jedi initiate, the Hero was acknowledged as exceptional in battle, and the amount of praise given by the Knight's early teachers convinced Master Derrin Weller to send the Padawan into combat against the Flesh Raiders immediately upon arrival despite the Hero's status as a mere apprentice. Weller's trust was proved valid when the Padawan was able to defeat the lightsaber-wielding and more experienced Dark Jedi Callef armed with only a vibrosword.[1] During the Hero's time as Orgus Din's apprentice, Din came to trust his Padawan deeply, and was able to send the Hero on missions against great numbers of Flesh Raiders with little or no backup and be confident of success.[4][41] The Padawan's bravest moments on Tython was during the Battle of the Forge, when the Hero and T7 fought their way through an area controlled by an army of Flesh Raiders, and when the Padawan successfully defeated the far more experienced Bengel Morr with only a training lightsaber.[7]

The Hero's last action as a Jedi Padawan was to construct a lightsaber, which was initially blue in color, though the color of the blade may have changed throughout the Desolator Crisis and the Second Great Galactic War.[7] After being promoted to Jedi Knight, the Hero traveled to Carrick Station, where the young Jedi chose the path of either a Jedi Guardian or a Jedi Sentinel.[8] The Hero's first battle against the forces of the Empire as a Jedi Knight also saw the Jedi work alongside a trio of other Republic individuals—a Jedi Consular, Republic trooper, and smuggler—whom the Knight would team up with on multiple occasions. Working in concert, the four were able to defeat a great number of Imperial troops in their defense of the Esseles, and they also succeeded in killing the powerful Sith Acolyte Vokk in their escape from the EmperorTemplate:'s Glory.[9]

While the Hero's main expertise lay in the use of a lightsaber, the Knight was also proficient in the use of the Force in combat. The Hero made frequent use of Force techniques to augment one's physical abilities, such as leaping great distances and moving with Force-enhanced speed.[42]

The Knight was well-versed in many galactic languages beyond Basic. Having communicated with individuals from a wide array of species, the Knight was fluent in Durese,[43] Rodese,[11] Houkese,[43]Binary,[44] Huttese,[43] Jawaese,[30] Nautila, and Twi'leki, as well the languages of the Selkath,[5] the Kel Dor,[40] and many others.

his Jedi later showed significant talent in combat when fighting the Sith Empire. The Jedi was able to defeat the Sith Lord Tarnis and all of Darth Angral's apprentices, as well as countless mercenaries, pirates, criminals, animals, and Sith and Imperial forces across many different planets throughout the Cold War.

During the Cold War, the Knight became a master duelist. The Knight was able to defeat Darth Angral, despite the Sith Lord besting the Jedi's own Master, Orgus Din; as well as the powerful Sith sorcerer Lord Fulminiss. The Jedi was so skilled in combat and so powerful in the Force that the Jedi was able to defeat one of the avatars of the Sith Emperor Lord Vitiate—one of the most powerful Force-users in all of history—in single combat.

Behind the scenes

The Hero of Tython represents the Jedi Knight player character in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released by BioWare on December 20, 2011. The male Knight is voiced by David Hayter and the female Knight is voiced by Kari Wahlgren.[source?]

At the initial release of the game, the Knight could choose to be a Human, Miraluka, Mirialan, Twi'lek, or a Zabrak. As of Game Update 1.2: Legacy, players can unlock the other four species (Chiss, Cyborg, Rattataki, and Sith Pureblood) in character creation.[45] However, these new species options are considered game mechanics, and as a result the only canonical options are Human, Miralkuka, Mirialan, Twi'lek, and Zabrak.

As the gender and species of the Jedi Knight character is player-determined, the canonical descrition of the character is unknown, and this article presents the Knight as gender neutral. While almost every quest in the Knight's storyline have alignment options, the overall story remains the same regardless of the player's choices. However, as per this consensus, the Knight's storyline is assumed to be one where the player chooses only light-side options.[46]

Since the character's name is player-determined, the Knight is referred to in the article by various titles or roles. The title "Hero of Tython" is awarded to the player at the completion of Act I, after the Knight has defeated Darth Angral and meets with the Jedi Council. The player is subsequently referred to as the Hero of Tython by many characters in the Knight's later class quests.[39]

Once they reach level 10, players can choose to become either a Jedi Guardian or a Jedi Sentinel. As the advanced classes are a gameplay mechanic and are player-determined, the Knight's canonical status as a Guardian or Sentinel is unknown. Each advanced class grants the player mastery over different lightsaber forms, as well as different abilities and even the use of Jar'Kai as a Sentinel, many of the Knight's canonical abilities and combat preferences cannot be determined.[8]

If the player chooses to be a male character, they can romance Kira Carsen, whom they receive as their second companion on the capital world of Coruscant in the prologue, and eventually marry her. Conversely, female characters can romance and marry Archiban Kimble (known in-game as Doc), whom they receive early in Act II on Balmorra.



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