Hibernation trance
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Rebellion era[1]

Hibernation trance, healing trance,[2] Jedi hibernation, Force trance, or recovery trance was a control-based ability that allowed Force-user to go into a very deep hibernation state. This slowed the user's metabolism and breathing to a standstill, causing the individual to only use one tenth of the air of a normal individual. A fully trained Force-user could stay in this state for up to one week in a dry climate or one month in a wet climate before dying from lack of water.

Kreia entered a hibernation trance to appear dead and be moved to the morgue at the Peragus Mining Facility in 3,951 BBY.

Jedi Master Tholme used this ability on numerous occasions, such as during the Mission to Devaron, in order to place himself outside of his former apprentices's (Aayla Secura and Quinlan Vos) thoughts so they could fight clearly in times of great struggle.

It was also used, in combination with the natural healing trance of the Whiphids, by the Whiphid Jedi K'Kruhk to fake death after being struck down by Grievous at the Battle of Hypori.

Luke Skywalker was known to use it in the course of long hyperspace flights. His descendant, Cade Skywalker, used it to survive the Massacre of Ossus.

A hibernating Force-user would appear dead to all but another Force-user. This could lead to potentially dangerous results for the hibernating individual if nobody was aware of the truth. To avoid such situations, the person in a hibernation trance could provide a trigger phrase that, if recited by another person, would bring the Force-user out of the trance.[3]

A hibernation trance was a lesser form of the more advanced Force power Morichro.[source?]




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