"Gatekeeper" was the term used for the artificial personality that granted a user access to the information within a holocron. The gatekeeper was usually based upon the creator of the particular holocron. The gatekeepers of Sith holocrons were sometimes the consciousnesses of the certain Sith who actually created them. They taught the finders of the holocron everything that the creator had discovered in their life. The Gatekeeper itself holds access to what information is hidden inside, and chooses whether or not the student using it is worthy of the Holocron's knowledge. While the Gatekeeper is unlikely to find someone unworthy, it may refuse to teach them more until it decides they have mastered what it has already taught them. The Gate Keepers of Sith Holocrons were known not to limit access to the Holocron's information, often teaching the user things that were far too dangerous and advanced for them, that would more often than not lead to their destruction.



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