The Mandalorian Knights were a secret project started by former Mandalorian Antos Wyrick, also known as Demagol, to create a race of Force-sensitive Mandalorian soldiers to have revenge against the Jedi Order for them defeating them during the Great Sith War. Wyrick set up the Osadia School for this reason. Using DNA found on the robes of the deceased Jedi Master Arca Jeth, he created several children that he would train to help him in an eventual Mandalorian revolution. Jarael was the first of these children.

The project ended when the school was raided by the Crucible, a massive slaving organization. The children were captured and held on Osadia by their captors. Jarael escaped by becoming a Crucible minder before escaping.

Years later, Wyrick found Jarael and planned to free all his former students from the Crucible. However, Chantique, Wyrick's daughter and one of the Crucible leaders, had killed the students and buried them in the yard. Furious, Wyrick killed her but died himself in the process, destroying his dreams of Force-sensitive Mandalorian warriors.



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