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Master Solo
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Kalway Order of Jedi


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Marsh29 Ubble

Marsh Solo was descendant from Anakin Solo/Tahiri Veila


I'm Marsh solo and this is about me and my life story and how i became a jedi. I grow up on Naboo. Both my parentis where both jedi. When i was growing up i had no borther or sistere I was only child when i was growning up. I was very lonely child but I had my friends, so I thought. When i was 7 year old my mother and father felt that the force was strong with me so they ask the counicl of the ktnr to start training me then the jedi arts. The ktnr was base on the world called dimenes. it was nice all but not as nice as yavin Well the conuil said it was ok with them just as along is if the were my master. They agreed to it. Then by the age of 8, the Ktnr was all killed, i was the one of three that was left in the order. My mother and fartther were still alive. Thanks force that the were ok. What happen was, after my 8th birthday was over we go world from someone in under that some sith was coming to attack the order, Well they did attack the order and killed everyone besides from my mother father and myself. Well after all that we move back to Naboo where my mother and farther retired sence they had no oder to call for help.

When i was old eough I ask my mother and my father to see if i can leaver home to fo find a order to compley my training and become a master, like them. Of cores i was only 13 at the time when i ask them that but they give me promisson to do that. So i took ship and fly around form place to place for about 2 mouths. and it that 2 mouth i was running out of kredits and fuel. All the kriedits that my mom and dad gave me was all they had to save up for me over the years. I was so hungry and runing out of fuel. I do anyting to for food and fuel just to find what i was looking for. I knew how to servie with what had thow. You see in the Ktnr they tran you how to servie with what you had in your pokcet. Well anyway, I finely got to Mos Eisley and i had to land my ship there beacuse i had no more fuel for it so land it at the space dork there. I couldnt refual beacuse I only had about 150 Kredits left and that had to buy me food.

About mouth later, I had no more kredits left for food or a place to live. On top of that I was feeling sometype of darkness growing on Mos Eisley. Boy was is bad there. I felt over run with darkness and fear but there was nothing that I could do. I had no order to call for back up and i was only 13 at the time so what can a 13 year old do. Well one day I was baging for money on the street for some money so can get something to eat, a starnger person came up to me and looks in too my eyes and i ask her for some spar kredits for food. She look at me in all white closth and ask me if I was a jedi. I told there that i was been train in the jedi arts by my parents. She gave me a werid look on her face like she was going to kill me but she told me that she was a grand master of the JJa. I was so happy to see another jedi there i ask the master to take me in her order and that i needed food and place to live all and that i would like to be train in the jedi arts some more. She took me in as her student and i started my training with the jja.

As I grow in the order i move so fast from being a padwan to knight to jedi master to setting on the counil. Once i got on the council i was happy that all i want to be is in the counil but i still wanted to training somewhat thow. Which i did every day to be a good master to all my students. Once i was on the counil i had to head home to tell my mother and father what has happen to me over there year, knowing that they would be poored of me. Well when i go back to Naboo I found my old home and knock on the door. My mother came to the door but not my father. I saw the look on my mom face and had to find out what happen to my dad. When me and my mom were talking to inside the house, at the dinner table where we alway sit and talked about are day, she told me that my dad die and that it was a honerable death for a jedi. I was confose what my mother was telling me but she had me my father ring that i keep with me at all time. My father ring was like my good luck charm. I don't ever wear it on my finger I keep around my neck close to my heart so that i can feel save and know that my Father is watching me every day. The ring was like made out of some type of gold that i never knew what type of gold, all i know my father never took it off his finger. She told me that sith but she never said his name killed my farther. Never knew who killed my father but i hoping one day that i get to fine out who that person is. So life went on, I told my mother what happen to me over there years and she was so happy to see me and happy that was on the conuils too. After my visit with my mom i return back my home and with my order.

After while being the jja we move to a plant call Eshan. I knew nothing of thie plant at all it was all knew to me. The people where new. The smile were new and all that. But i have to say we never had one porblem with any sith there thow. The plant was nice but i could use least mineing there thow. I had told Master Rain that we should think about leaveing Eshan becuse of the mineing that the Eshanys were doing to it and that it might hurt the plant core. But she didnt listion me at all. So the mouth went by slowly and then something happen. We had to leave the plant becuse it was over mine and that it was dieing. We all got in your ship and left the eshan and start to looking for a new home. One day out of the blue Master Luvbotten Moonsoo Grand master of the koj who was are allies at the time, called us and told to head to yavin IV. My hole order head there and Master Luv was good to us. She give use a home and place to live. Ever sence i move to yavin I felt at peace here. I have good firends that care lot about what happen to every one. I never thoght sence I move to yavin that I would ever live here and call it my home.

Later on I was ask by my old master to leave the order. I was so angery when she told me that. Even thow that anger lead to the dark side but I stll was mad as all get out. I was now a outcast, i hand no one to call if i got in to trouble. I had no student and no on to train with me. I still stayed on yavin becuase yavin is my home. My old master, however didnt stay she move the order to someplace else. Me on the other hand I stay to protcet a firend that i made a promis too. After 3 day gone by I talk to Master Moonsoo about joining the koj. Both Master Luv and MAster Cher took me under there wing and is teaching me about there order and what they do differently with there order. I owe them alot for that. I know that I'm not a master in there order but if i work hard enough in my training like i did that last time, then i know that i would be a master once again. I owe a lot of people here on yavin and then koj alot for what the have done for me. Some day i will repay them for there help. Well now I'm with the KOj and with my new family i just hope that my new family will be better then my last family. For all they done for me, I thank them all . I hope one day that we can all find what we are looking for in the world and whats up head for all as jeid.

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Marsh Solo's Holocron

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