The Noetikons were treasured relics of the Jedi Order and were special Holocrons designed to sift through the vast storehouse of knowledge within the Jedi Archives. Each of these devices were infused with the wisdom, knowledge and personality of three of the greatest Jedi Masters in the Order. When accessed, an individual consulted with a holographic representation of these Masters who went through their great knowledge to help those Jedi that came to them. There were at least three different Noetikons which consisted of the Noetikon of Science, Noetikon of Light and the Noetikon of Secrets.

By the time of the Great Galactic War, the Noetikons were stored at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. However, its destruction during the Sacking of Coruscant led them to becoming lost to the Jedi who were incapable of going through their collective knowledge with them. These relics fell into the hands of Gand scavengers, members of the Black Sun and the Justicars. During the Cold War, an unidentified Jedi Consular sought the Noetikons to cure Master Yuon Par from a strange sickness.

After witnessing the threat of the Children of the Emperor, the Scorekeeper's Herald sought knowledge on a potential army to combat the Sith Emperor. Through consultation with the collective three Noetikons, the combined Jedi Masters discerned legends from the ancient Rakata that spoke of an alien army imprisoned on a distant world. This led to the Consular journeying to a Rakatan monument on Hoth to find the coordinates to Belsavis that held the sleeping Esh-kha.


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