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"I was recruited by a man called Tyranus on one of the moons of Bogden."
―Jango Fett about becoming the prime clone for the GAR[src]

For a clone to grow, genetic material must be taken from a prime source, known as the prime clone or clone template. The Grand Army of the Republic's host was Jango Fett, a bounty hunter chosen for his incredibly high combat skill and endurance. After completing his final test by defeating the Dark Jedi Komari Vosa, an astonishing accomplishment as it was almost inconceivable that a single ordinary man could defeat a Jedi-trained combatant, he was chosen as the template of the Republic's clone army. The first 200,000 clone troopers were grown on Kamino over the span of roughly ten years at an accelerated development rate, followed by millions more during the Clone Wars. After the formation of the Galactic Empire, the Stormtrooper Corps utilized a variety of different templates, thus pushing Fett's progeny into a minority status.

During the Imperial era, the cloning facility of Timira City on Kamino served as the location for Darth Vader's top secret project to create a perfect clone of his Sith apprentice, the late Galen Marek. After Marek's death, Vader brought the body to Kamino where it was used as the template for multiple clones, all of which were grown at an accelerated rate and trained with memory flashes of Marek's life and experiences. After a series of failed experiments, one clone nearly rose to meet Vader's expectations, but ultimately could not free himself from his template's memories and subsequently escaped from Kamino. Unknown to this clone, however, Vader activated another one who also showed a great deal of promise. Although he was initially plagued by the same imprinted memories and emotions of the original apprentice, this clone was eventually able to distinguish Marek's experiences as separate from his own life. By coming to terms with his existence as a genetic replica, and having developed a hatred for his original self's failings, Vader revealed Marek's body to the clone, thus helping him to realize that he had succeeded where all of his brethren failed; he succeeded in becoming the only perfect clone of Starkiller.

After the fragmentation of the Galactic Empire, Grand Admiral Thrawn created his own clone army for his campaign against the New Republic by using the Spaarti cloning cylinders in order to grow fully-developed clone stormtroopers in less than one year. For this project, the clone templates included Corporal Terkuss, Lieutenant Creb, Baron Soontir Fel, and possibly General Maximilian Veers.

Emperor Palpatine survived death several times by periodically transferring his spirit into cloned versions of his younger self, especially around the time when his own campaign against the New Republic began shortly after Thrawn's failed attempt to reclaim the Galaxy for the Empire. Unlike other clones from different templates, Palpatine's clones were essentially "blank slates" with no minds of their own. Their only purpose was to serve as a shell to house the spirit of Palpatine, who utilized the Force technique essence transfer to literally pass his consciousness on to a new vessel before death could permanently claim him.

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